Thursday, May 9, 2013

Alton Brown Announces Live Tour

Alton Brown posted a video on Twitter announcing a Live Tour called the Inevitable Edible Tour or the Edible Inevitable Tour.  There will be cooking, live music, and potentially messy experiments, and will be fun for the whole family.  See the video below describing the tour:

The current cities and dates listed for his tour are below:

UPDATE 5/24 - More Dates Added:

10/18 Palm Desert, CA
10/19 Cerritos, CA
10/20 Mesa, AZ
10/22 San Diego, CA
10/23 Santa Barbara, CA
10/24 Monterey, CA
10/25 Santa Rosa, CA
10/26 San Luis Obispo, CA
10/29 Albuquerque, NM
11/1 East Lansing, MI
11/2  Detroit, MI
11/3 Midland, MI
11/5 Akron, OH
11/6 Louisville, KY
11/7 Nashville, TN
11/8 Columbus, OH
11/9 Roanoke, VA
11/10 Virginia Beach, VA
2/4 Colorado Springs, CO
2/5 Greely, CO
2/8 Chicago, IL
2/9 New Philadelphia, OH
2/13 Schenectady, NY
2/14 Hartford, CT
2/15 Worcester, MA
2/16 Syracuse, NY
2/18 New Brunswick, NJ
2/19 York, PA
2/21 Providence, RI
2/22 Baltimore, MD
2/23 Pittsburgh, PA
2/25 North Charleston, SC
2/28  Atlanta, GA
3/1  Tampa, FL
3/2  Sarasota, FL

There is a website set up for the tour, that has links for each of the show dates with more information if you are interested in buying tickets.  It seems like the website is not complete yet as the 'Videos' and 'About' section are blank, but I am sure it will be updated soon.

No word on his podcast yet.


  1. Not Northern California???

  2. This is not the full list of tour dates, just some of them. He will be announcing more shortly. His website crashed yesterday, and they took it down to update it more. This is probably also why the video isn't showing up right now.