Wednesday, May 22, 2013

McShane's From Restaurant Impossible To Close

Restaurant Impossible Open Or Closed
McShane's Restaurant and Pub in East Syracuse, NY, which was featured in Season 2 of Restaurant Impossible, will close this Friday.  However, unlike other restaurants that have closed from the show, they plan to move away from the restaurant and plan to continue catering while starting a Food Truck.

A post on their Facebook Page stated "Closing this Friday . . look for our food truck "Chicken Bandit" . . .coming soon!" 

There was also a picture with a message thanking customers stating: 

"I would like to personally thank all our loyal customers for supporting us throughout the years!  I will be closing McShane's this Friday... I am moving on to a new adventure... Watch for the Chicken Bandit!!!  The new Food Truck in town... Coming Soon...  Catering still available.  Call us at 315-278-3536.  Thank you!  Cindy xo"

McShane's actually had some good reviews and people seem to love their chicken, so maybe their Food Truck will be a success.

This now puts the total amount of restaurants from Restaurant Impossible that have closed at 18, and I have updated the Restaurant Impossible Page to reflect that.


  1. Paging someone with time and talent...this show is just screaming for a YouTube remix set to Another One Bites The Dust.

  2. Sad. I thought this was one of their bigger successes. I hope she has good luck with the food truck.