Thursday, January 23, 2014

Chopped Tournament of Stars Coming In March

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Beginning on March 9th at 9pm on the Food Network will be a Chopped tournament called Chopped Tournament of Stars.  The tournament will have 'sports stars' and 'celebrities' competing for $50,000 that will go to a charity of their choice.  It will be a 5 episode tournament, with sports stars, Rachael Vs Guy celebrities, actors, and comedians competing against each other, with the winners moving on to face each other in the final episode.  The 'stars' and 'celebrities' that will compete are below with a little bit about what they are known for:

  • Lucas Grabeel - Actor/Singer known for his role in High School Musical
  • Michael Imperioli - Actor most known for his role as Christopher Moltisanti in The Sopranos.
  • Tasha Smith - Actress known for her role on Tyler Perry's For Better or Worse. Has also appeared on The Chew as a guest co-host.
  • Peter Scolari - TV and film actor most known for his role on the show Newhart
Sports Stars:
  • Jackie Joyner-Kersee - Olympic track and field athlete with 3 gold, 1 silver, and 2 bronze metals
  • Greg Louganis - American Olympic diver with 4 gold medals
  • Charles Oakley - Retired NBA basketball player for multiple teams, but most known for playing for the New York Knicks
  • Brandi Chastain - Professional soccer player known for the game winning shootout goal  for the USA in the 1999 Women's World Cup where she ripped off her shirt and was in her sports bra.
Rachael vs Guy Celebrities:
  • Coolio - Rapper, who also appeared on the first season of Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off (2nd place)
  • Penn Jillette - Comedian/magician who is also on the current season of Rachael Vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-Off
  • Lou Diamond Phillips - Actor who won the first season of Rachael Vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off
  • Carnie Wilson - Singer known for being in Wilson Phillips.  Appeared on season 2 of Rachael Vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off (2nd place).
  • Sinbad - Comedian who also was on A Different World and The Sinbad Show
  • Tommy Davidson - Comedian mostly known for role on In Living Color
  • Gillian Vigman - Comedic actress who has appeared in small roles on both TV and film as well as many commercials.
  • Robert Wuhl - Comedian/Actor most known for being the creator and star of Arliss on HBO.

Something tells me that many of these people competing could use the $50,000 for themselves.  The full press release with episode descriptions for Chopped Tournament of Stars is below:


Chopped Tournament of Stars premieres Sunday, March 9th at 9pm ET/PT on Food Network

Five Episode Competition Featuring Celebrities Competing in the Chopped Kitchen for Charity
NEW YORK – January 23, 2014 / PRNewswire / — With a $50,000 grand prize for charity on the line, celebrities from different walks of life compete in the ultimate Chopped Tournament of Stars, premiering Sunday, March 9th at 9pm ET/PT. The five-part competition series, hosted by Ted Allen, includes four celebrities going head-to-head each week in themed episodes over three rounds: appetizer, entrée and dessert - each featuring mystery ingredients within the Chopped basket. Featuring sports stars, comedians, actors, and for the first time, veterans from Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off, the celebrities are judged by a rotating roster of Chopped regulars, including Maneet Chauhan, Amanda Freitag, Alex Guarnaschelli, Marc Murphy, Chris Santos and Geoffrey Zakarian, to determine which celebrity will advance each week to face off in the finale on Sunday, April 6th at 9pm ET/PT, with a chance to win the grand prize for the charity of their choice.

“This tournament brings together the most diverse, talented group of celebrities we have ever had compete in the Chopped Kitchen, “ said Bob Tuschman, General Manager and Senior Vice President Programming, Food Network. “With $50,000 on the line for their charity, these celebs fill the kitchen with action, drama and comedy as they do everything they can to be the victor.”

Additionally, if you ever looked in your fridge, hoping for inspiration to strike, never again let the question “What’s for dinner?” stump you. On April 8th be the first to learn tips and secrets for combining pantry staples into exciting meals in The Chopped Cookbook: Use What You've Got to Cook Something Great, from Clarkson Potter. By showing how to spin your favorite ingredients into 188 fun, doable, and delicious recipes, the culinary masterminds at Food Network set you up for mealtime victory every night.

Episodes include:

Premiering Sunday, March 9th at 9pm ET/PT
“Sports Stars!”
Four famous athletes bring their fierceness and passion to the Chopped Kitchen for a five-part $50,000 celebrity tournament! With the charities they are playing for in their minds, the competitors open the first basket to find a scary ingredient – alligator. Then in the entrée round, the celebs must cook with some strange eggs and some tiny limes. The final two sports stars that make it to the dessert round put their athleticism and enthusiasm into making a great final dish that includes crystallized ginger and wafer cookies.
Competitors: Brandi Chastain, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Greg Louganis, Charles Oakley
Judges: Alex Guarnaschelli, Marc Murphy, Geoffrey Zakarian

Premiering Sunday, March 16th at 9pm ET/PT
“Rachael vs. Guy!”
These four competitors are all cooking-competition veterans, alums of Food Network’s Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off, but they have never stepped foot in the Chopped Kitchen! How will they do with beef tongue and microwaveable chocolate cake in the appetizer basket? Then the stars have a pizza party in the entrée round after they discover leftover slices in the basket. With hopes of making it to the $50,000 finale, two competitors must make desserts using chocolate bars and banana chips.
Competitors: Penn Jillette, Coolio, Lou Diamond Phillips, Carnie Wilson
Judges: Maneet Chauhan, Marc Murphy, Chris Santos

Premiering Sunday, March 23rd at 9pm ET/PT
Bringing the funny to the Chopped Kitchen, four comedians compete for a chance to move on to the $50,000 finale. Playing for their favorite charities, the stars open up the first basket and get a pork delicacy and a gummy candy. Then in the entrée round, the three comedians left must make jalapeño poppers palatable with beer can chicken. With vanilla cupcakes in the final basket, transforming the ingredient becomes key for the two finalists.
Competitors: Tommy Davidson, Sinbad, Gillian Vigman, Robert Wuhl
Judges: Maneet Chauhan, Chris Santos, Geoffrey Zakarian

Premiering Sunday, March 30th at 9pm ET/PT
With only one spot left in the $50,000 charity tournament, four actors bravely take on the role of chef. In the first round, one competitor tries desperately to figure out the right cooking technique for a tricky ingredient. A pretty citrus fruit and a spiny lobster are two of the mystery ingredients that the competitors must demystify in the entrée round. In the final round, the two remaining stars make a mess in the kitchen with some very creative desserts with mascarpone and strawberries.
Competitors: Lucas Grabeel, Michael Imperioli, Peter Scolari, Tasha Smith
Judges: Maneet Chauhan, Amanda Freitag, Alex Guarnaschelli

Premiering Sunday, April 6th at 9pm ET/PT
The four amazing finalists open the first basket and get a drive-thru snack and a cold dessert. $50,000 is destined to go to one of the last three celebrities’ favorite charities, but which stars will have good luck with the duck in the entrée basket? The final round of the celebrity tournament is bound to be intense as the competitors must have enough culinary stamina left to make something tasty, beautiful and creative from churros and champagne.
Judges: Alex Guarnaschelli, Marc Murphy, Geoffrey Zakarian

Chopped is produced by Notional Entertainment.

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  1. At least there are no "celebrities" from the reality show circuits.

  2. Jeez this reads like the passenger list of the USS Has Been

  3. LOL Well said. I've never heard of half of these people and don't care about most of the rest of them. Maybe Penn can finally win something.

  4. Actually, "Rachael Vs. Guy" is a reality show. Plus, Coolio ("Celebrity Wife Swap"), Penn Jillette ("Celebrity Apprentice"), Lou Diamond Phillips ("I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here") and Carnie Wilson ("Celebrity Fit Club," "Celebrity Wife Swap," her own show with Wilson Phillips) have done lots of other so-called reality TV. I know WAY too much about this, but it intrigues me how these shows seem to feature all the same people.

  5. True, but Coolio, Penn, Lou, and Carnie came to the show as people who had enjoyed success in music, movies, etc. I'm thinking of people who are contestants on The Bachelor, then go on Dancing With the Stars, then Biggest Loser, etc. People who just bounce from show to show and gain celebrity that way.

  6. Agreed. This list is very lackluster.

  7. Say what!? How do you even get that at all? No way does she sound anywhere close to as twangy as Paula Deen did. She's a breath of fresh air and her food always looks great. I say the girl got it together.

  8. There is a legitimate need to teach and help people to cook better. Damaris does a very good job of that. Personally, I would rather just see her alone in the kitchen like Giada or Bobby Flay. In no way does that make her teaching any less helpful. She's such a good cook! I love her recipes.

  9. I'm thrilled to see Lou Diamond Phillips again!

    (Is there any way we could lose that stupid survey we have to answer before we're allowed to read the articles?)

  10. What a bunch of losers. They really reached down and scraped from the bottom of the barrel. I am surprised they did not get the street-person/alcoholic that used to play Richie Cunningham's sister on Happy Days, or Webster the dwarf friend of Michael Jackson, or for that matter, Tito Jackson.

  11. If you answer "none of the above" or what ever the NO answer is, it is just one question.

  12. Chopped: Tournament of Stars from the Witness Protection Program.

  13. Lou and Penn are the only ones on this list I'm interested in watching in a cooking competition. I don't know most of the people on this list, and the others that I know have been annoying on other shows.

  14. That's what I do too. Ultimately, they're going to realize that their survey results are meaningless.

  15. I like Damaris, but I don't like the concept of her show. I don't appreciate how sexist this show is toward men.

  16. Haven't seen any of the men complaining. Anyone can use what Damaris teaches. Trisha has her girl friends on and I don't hear anyone whining about how there aren't enough men in her kitchen. Giada has her Aunt on and no one says she also needs more male guests. This is a non-issue. The created dishes are excellent. Follow the instruction and enjoy.

  17. I was at first OK(ish) with the survey thing, but they have become very intrusive now. I understand the need to make some money, but I am tired of having to answer things almost every time I access this site. It's getting old. QUICK.

  18. Maybe the original poster deleted them? I don't think Matt would.

  19. Because the same person (you) was posting under different names trying to make it look like a bunch of different people were commenting. Please use the same name in the future and don't respond to your own comments using a different name

  20. I'm sure woman will be offended by this but here goes. As a man, I am told woman are equals, but somehow because i am a man, I should ask a woman out, send her flowers, open all her doors and pay for every activity we do together(I've dated woman that made much more money than me but they still didn't pay so skip any excuses). Please don't tell me how woman do all these things that I said woman don't do. Ask a man and they will tell you, they don't ask men out and they NEVER pay for anything(privately they will laugh abo9ut this like we are suckers). Now I have to win her over by cooking for her? I cook for my wife because I love her but don't have a show about how a man needs to cook for a woman because we don't do anything else to please them!!!. All I can ask Damaris is, and all woman, as a man, what should I expect from a woman considering all that is expected of me as a man? If you want to be equals, bring it to social issues as well ladies.

  21. All the sports stars were really STARS in their respective sports (there are a number of Olympic Gold Medals among that group). Maybe not anymore but these are household names to anyone with an iota of sports knowledge. Who knows if any of them can cook, though.
    Tthe Rachel vs. guys celebs were all celebs outside of the show (and I always love Longmire when LDP is featured).
    The actors and the comedians .... not so much (although I thought perhaps it was just me who wouldn't know much about any of them).
    Anyway, I'll find this a lot more interesting than something like "Worst Cooks" (which I refuse to watch).

  22. That's not true of all women. I know it's not true for me. This is a gender stereotype, just like Southern At Heart.

  23. Im glad she ended up winning in a sense, but her show is esoteric and not as interesting as it seemed while on next foodnetwork star... like seriously how many girfriends/women want their boyfriends or potential dates being taught to cook by some other woman?!

    Justin deserves a show but hes more suited for Cooking channel imo. He can have a good alternative type cooking show but it may or may not be appealing to the typical fn audience. I can only think of Ace of Cakes as being a worthy alternative type show that was on FN... i personally loved that show because of the genuinely quirky personalities although at times Duff comes off a little smug.. but yeah that kind of show is what i imagine Justin getting into. I also think hed do good hosting a competition of some sort. But i know cooking comp shows are getting overdone.

    Damaris needs a better show i cant believe shes got a second season woth that boredom... and i love Aarti's personality but they never repeated Aarti Party as much as they overplay Guy's shows.

  24. I agree that many celebrities here arent as recognizable or theyre just really old school but this probably means they all actually cook well for their own right If they were chosen for a tournament style competition instead of a special celebrities episode. Also you forget its for charities so our concern of who they are or if theyre popular is irelevent...

    Random but i noticed the judges for the 'Actors' round will actually be all three female judges (this may be the first time they did that with these particular three and if not the first its a rarity to see Chopped have an all female panel) so that should be an interesting episode despite me not really knowing any of those actors very well either!

  25. dwight mannsburdenJanuary 28, 2014 at 8:37 AM

    "My life on the F list"

  26. I hadn't noticed the all female panel of judges for that one episode. I'm looking forward to that one now.

  27. Thrilled to hear about Damaris. I love her. She is bright, light and comes off very sweet and sincere. It's time to "rotate the stock" at Food Network. Some chefs/cooks take themselves waaaay too seriously.

  28. Princess StarlightJanuary 30, 2014 at 7:39 PM

    Wow, you are way off base here, and who the hell have you dated in the past? I do things for my boyfriend because I love him and I don't expect things in return. You are just as sexist as this show. Way to go.

  29. Someone at Food Network needs to have his or her exclamation-point key disabled.

  30. Just saw this. I have started watching CookingChannel for some more variety during the weeknights. During the days it is old episodes of Food Network. Both channels are getting tiresome.

  31. Why have some pro-Damaris posts been deleted from here? There are fewer comments listed.

  32. Damaris makes wonderful dishes. I would gladly watch her without anyone else in her kitchen. All we see them do is chop or stir. Her teaching is still clear and helpful to anyone either way. She is far more lasting and relevant than Aarti and a better Chef.

  33. I agree... I actually saw ONE, only ONE interesting episode of Chopped, the guy named Lance WON... couldn't BELIEVE my eyes, he "didn't fit their ideal of the PERFECT MOLD!" HE WAS REAL, and the most family FRIENDLY contestant EVER. JEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZ . . . these people sure know how to TURN it's audience OFF!!! FOR SERIOUSLY CERTAIN!!

  34. I don't believe I could be less intrigued.

  35. Her recipes(damaris) weren't all that great..nothing special.How are you teaching people how to cook when you aren't the best cook yourself..funny

  36. Hey guys, avid aussie fan of food network star here and was wondering if there's any word yet on another season this year? Is there a chance? Also any news on a potential season 2 of restaurant express? Cheers! Dak

  37. No news on if there will be another season on that yet

  38. I agree with what everyone is saying, except I can what a number of Chopped, still it's good to have variety. I'd like to see a travel food show like Bourdain has. I find Rachel's hand talking and her talking to you like you're 12 annoying. What's people think of Jeff Mauro? At times he's fluctuates between entertaining and annoying.

  39. Like many - tired of endling "Chopped" and "DDD". Like to see more creativity in show selection. Maybe more or Ree Drummond and Trisha Yearwood during the week would help.

  40. I was turned off by Damaris during NFS when she got drunk and acted inappropriately more than once. That should have told FN to look elsewhere. Her point of view wasn't that great and I think FN was just looking for a new Paula Deen. I much preferred the chef that said her point of view was 'meat on the side'. People are eating lighter, focusing more on veggies and fruits. She had a great, current point of view, IMO

  41. It's a very sexist premise for a show.

  42. Nice catch Matt!

  43. Chopped, Chopped, Chopped how could you "pretend" to present a Celebrity Chopped contest as a true contest and then chopped a contestant in the entrea round for a dish with the ONLY CRITICISM was not enough salt and pepper!!! THAT WAS THE ONLY CRITICISM FROM ALL THREE JUDGES! The two contestant who presented his noodles straight from the water WITHOU dressing first with Alfredo sauce AND served that starch WITH potatoes, another starch AND commented that he did not properly prepare one of the fruits that resulted in making the dish bitter. The chef chopped was complemented for properly preparing the same fruit! And now we should trust that there was not a bias or pre-planned choice of who to choped and who to protect! I was huge fan for years! What a disappointment!

  44. New Game: Turn on Food Network and count the seconds until you see Guy Fieri's face. I usually can't even get to 10.

    Call me crazy, but I miss the old days where a chef like David Rosengarten actually showed you how to make an elegant meal with a wine/beer pairing. Could they have done any more to dumb-down, gross-out and ruin this station?

  45. Where exactly are all the chefs? I watch one show, Pioneer Woman (I know, you either love her or hate her). I used to DVR 10 or more shows plus watch others. From that to one. Cooking channel is no better. I just go on line now and find ideas, avoiding anything related to the food network when I do searches. Sad what has happened to what used to be a good thing.

  46. All the stupid gameshows drove me away. Is it the Food Network or the Gameshow Network? I say, bring back the real chefs and real cooking shows!! That's what I loved about the Food Network.

  47. I can't believe Food Network renewed Southern at Heart for a second season. The host Damaris comes across as extremely fake, her speaking voice is very annoying, and the food she prepares is just okay. She may be nice in person (and I'm sure she is), but her tv personality is horrid. After 10 minutes of watching her, I want to drag my nails down a chalkboard just to replace the sound of her voice in my head with something more pleasant. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that FN renewed the show given the other dreadful shows like Restaurant Stakeout that are still on the air. What has happened to this network? The quality of the shows is spiraling downward.

  48. Wow, I never realized she got a first season. Have they ever promoted this?