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Food Network's October 2013 Programming Highlights

The Food Network has put out a press release detailing the programming in October on the channel, which includes a lot of new and returning series.  Some of the highlights include:

  • The series premiere of Guy's Grocery Games (Most likely referred to as Triple G) on Sunday, October 20th at 8pm.
  • As previously reported, the premiere of Food Network Star Damaris Phillips daytime cooking show on October 27th at 10:30am.  That show is currently filming in Kentucky.
  • The Iron Chef America special battles of Oktoberfest and Halloween (previously reported)
  • Primetime season premieres of Halloween Wars (Sunday, October 6th at 9pm) and Restaurant Impossible (Wednesday, October 23rd - Back to Wednesday Nights)
  • More new primetime episodes of Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell, Cutthroat Kitchen, Chopped, Cupcake Wars, Mystery Diners, Restaurant Stakeout, Thieves Inc., and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives
  • New daytime episodes of Barefoot Contessa, Giada at Home, Heartland Table, and The Pioneer Woman
  • A Guy's Family Cruise special where Guy Fieri is on a Carnival Cruise with his family

A show that wasn't on the press release, but is starting on Thursday, October 24th at 10pm is Restaurant DividedRestaurant Divided is hosted by Rocco DiSpirito, where "each struggling restaurant is run by a family torn apart by conflicting ideas on how to save their establishment. Rocco puts them both to the test by dividing the space into two restaurant concepts open side-by-side, serving real customers and critics for one night. Based on profitability, customer reviews and his own expertise, Rocco ultimately decides which vision is most successful and stays open."

The Full Press Release with more details is below:



Plus: Food Network Star Winner Damaris Phillips Hosts New Daytime Cooking Show is the home for haunted Halloween treats and party tips and the new exclusive web series ‘The Picky Eaters Project’ hosted by Melissa d’Arabian

NEW YORK – September 20, 2013 – Guy Fieri hits the supermarket in new competition series Guy’s Grocery Games on Sunday, October 20th at 8pm as four competitors navigate their way through various real-world culinary challenges for a chance to win up to $20,000. Food Network Star season nine winner, Damaris Phillips, joins the daytime lineup in her new cooking show premiering Sunday, October 27th at 10:30am, as she teaches people how to cook to impress with her modern Southern cuisine. Food Network gets in the spooky spirit with a new season of Halloween Wars premiering Sunday, October 6th at 9pm, and Robert Irvine is back for a new season of Restaurant: Impossible on Wednesday, October 23rd at 10pm. In daytime, Guy’s Big Bite and Rachael Ray’s Week in a Day are both back for new seasons. offers up all the tricks and treats to make this Halloween the best yet, and a new web series with Melissa d’Arabian, The Picky Eaters Project. Join the Food Network conversation on Facebook and Twitter.


Guy’s Grocery Games – Premiering Sunday, October 20th at 8pm

Best-selling cookbook author and successful restaurateur Guy Fieri hosts the new Food Network supermarket-themed cooking competition Guy’s Grocery Games. Set in a grocery store, four talented chefs compete against each other through three cooking challenges, as they must navigate their way through the aisles adhering to a number of “real-world” culinary challenges to create tasty dishes. The chefs must rely on their improvisation, gamesmanship and culinary skills for a chance to win up to $20,000. In each episode, four chefs must battle it out over three rounds through a number of complex challenges designed to test their culinary chops. Whether its creating a dish in five ingredients or less, preparing a meal using only canned foods, or using ingredients only found in the frozen food section, the chefs will have to use all the tools in their arsenal to make it through these and other challenges. One-by-one the losing chefs are eliminated by a rotating list of guest judges that include Melissa d’Arabian, Richard Blais, Beau MacMillan, Jet Tila, and Marcela Valladolid, among others. The last chef standing goes on a shopping spree of a lifetime, as they have two minutes to get through the aisles to collect all the items on their shopping list. Each item is worth $2,000 and if the chefs can gather all the items on the list they win $20,000.

Don’t miss photos, videos and grocery store quizzes at, and share your supermarket secrets on Twitter using #grocerygames.

The Damaris Project (wt) – Premiering Sunday, October 27th at 10:30am

Food Network Star season nine winner, Damaris Phillips, hosts her own daytime cooking show centered around her modern Southern cuisine. Damaris aims to help people find love through impressive cooking, whipping up dishes like Pumpkin Scones, Black Eyed Pea Fritters and Goat Cheese Mashed Potatoes – just to name a few. With her quirky charm and unbeatable wit, Damaris plays matchmaker and chef to a tee, providing entertainment and delicious food along the way.


Halloween Wars – Premiering Sunday, October 6th at 9pm
Halloween Wars is back for a third hair-raising season. Over the course of four deliciously frightening episodes, five teams consisting of a pumpkin carving expert, a cake artist, and a candy craftsman battle it out to create heart-stopping Halloween-themed displays out of pumpkin, cake, and sugar. Each week, one team is eliminated by the judging panel, made up of renowned cake decorator Shinmin Li and Emmy®-nominated make-up artist Brian Kinney. The last team standing wins the $50,000 grand prize. Hosted by Justin Willman (Cupcake Wars), each episode also features a rotating celebrity guest judge, including author Charlaine Harris, (Sookie Stackhouse novels), actor Danielle Harris (Halloween), actor Tony Todd (Candyman) and actor Derek Mears (Friday the 13th).

Premiering Sunday, October 6th at 9pm – “Zombie Prom” – SEASON PREMIERE
In the first of four battles, five teams made up of an expert pumpkin carver, cake decorator, and sugar artist compete to create displays that depict a scene from a Zombie Prom. At the end of the battle, one team will be eliminated.
Special Guest Judge: Danielle Harris

Premiering Sunday, October 13th at 9pm – “Twisted Nursery Rhymes”
Four remaining teams made up of an expert pumpkin carver, cake decorator, and sugar artist must create a twisted version of a fairy tale. At the end of the battle, one team will be eliminated.
Special Guest Judge: Tony Todd

Premiering Sunday, October 20th at 9pm – “Swamp Creatures Attack”
Three remaining teams made up of an expert pumpkin carver, cake decorator, and sugar artist go to battle to create displays that capture what happens when swamp creatures attack. At the end one team will be eliminated, and two will move on to the final battle.
Special Guest Judge: Charlaine Harris

Premiering Sunday, October 27th at 9pm – “Nightmares”
Two teams made up of an expert pumpkin carver, cake decorator, and sugar artist go to battle to create mind-blowing Halloween-themed displays that capture the terror of nightmares. In the end, one team will become the Halloween Wars champion and win a $50,000 grand prize.
Special Guest Judge: Derek Mears

Comment on your favorite daunting displays using #HalloweenWars.

Restaurant: Impossible

Premiering Wednesday, October 23rd at 10pm -”Bring Mama Back” – SEASON PREMIERE!

Robert heads to St. Louis’ historic Italian neighborhood to find that the original home of the toasted ravioli, Mama Campisi’s, is going downhill and fast. Owners Andrea and Lance have been running this business until two years ago when trusted employees stole from them, leaving the couple half a million dollars in debt. Andrea and Lance are in jeopardy of losing their business, their home and their dream. Will two days be enough for Robert to figure out the finances, change the menu, convince Andrea to spend more time at home and, ultimately, shake her dark cloud? If not, any hope of bringing Mama’s back will be gone.

Don’t miss the Restaurant: Impossible Top 5 countdown videos, like Top 5 Dirtiest Kitchens, Top 5 Heartwarming Moments and Top 5 Angry Owners coming soon to FoodNetwork.Com/RI. Tweet using #RestaurantImpossible


Chef Wanted With Anne Burrell

Premiering Thursday, October 3rd at 10pm – “Showdown on the 70th Floor”
Cite has been Chicago’s premier dining destination for romantic ambiance and spectacular views, but with their Executive Chef retiring after nearly 30 years, the owners implore Anne to bring four qualified candidates to take over the kitchen and modernize Cite’s classic menu. The chefs are tasked with updating a classic restaurant favorite and creating a unique ‘surf and turf’ plate. During dinner service, one chef struggles with consistency, while the other gets overwhelmed by special orders. At the end, only one chef is named Executive Chef at Chicago’s top romantic restaurant, Cite.
Competing Chefs: Fred Ramos, Lauren Rue, Vita Jarrin, Maxime Michaud

Premiering Thursday, October 10th at 10pm – “Mile High Melee”
After promoting their last Executive Chef, the owners of Second Home Kitchen & Bar in Denver call on Chef Anne Burrell to help find his replacement. Four chefs battle to showcase their creativity in a theme-night challenge and get physical when tasked with butchering lamb. During dinner service, one feisty chef bites off a little more than he can chew, while another tries to keep his cool amongst the calamity.
Competing Chefs: Jose Ballester, Matthew Wool, Charles d’Ablaing, Jason Brumm

Premiering Thursday, October 17th at 10pm – “Bono on Broadway”
In Long Beach, Calif., restaurant owner Christy Bono recently reopened her namesake restaurant in hopes of restoring its former popularity. Since losing their executive chef of 15 years, Christy’s needs Chef Anne Burrell’s help to find a chef who will fill his shoes and take the restaurant to the next level. Four chefs go head to head recreating family recipes and making lighter versions of restaurant mainstays with fresh farm-to-table ingredients. During dinner service, one chef struggles to improve his leadership skills, while the other is more of a tyrant than a team player.
Competing Chefs: Adryana Washock, Ronnie Exposito, Daniel Rivera, Lajuan Ramsey

Premiering Thursday, October 24th at 8pm -”Mediterranean Madness”
Tucked away in West Los Angeles, Tapenade restaurant is a dream come true for chef and owner Ressul Resselat. Now Ressul is hoping to expand his client base and desperately needs Chef Anne to find a Chef de Cuisine to run the busy kitchen. The four chef candidates get inventive putting their spin on Mediterranean classics such as ratatouille and tapenade. During dinner service, one chef struggles to motivate their staff, while the other fights to keep up with the rush.
Competing Chefs: Tiffany Friedman, Charbel Adaimy, Victor Sanchez, Suzanne Williams

Follow the competition on Twitter using #ChefWanted.


Premiering Tuesday, October 1st at 10pm – “Liver and Learn”
The chefs receive calves’ livers and ranch dressing in the first round, and the judges watch as four appetizers come together in 20 minutes. Then in the entree round, a small bird and a citrusy spice make for an interesting combination, and will hot sauce be a hit in the finalists’ desserts?
Judges: Geoffrey Zakarian, Amanda Freitag and Chris Santos

Premiering Sunday, October 6th at 8pm – “Extreme Halloween”
Halloween means very frightening surprises in the baskets for the chefs. In the first round, they encounter a very troublesome, bloody protein and a can of chips that’s more than meets the eye. The three chefs who move on to the second round are in for something gooey and gory — and something that is just offal. The final two chefs boldly move on to a devilishly difficult dessert round.
Judges: Marc Murphy, Alex Guarnaschelli and Chris Santos

Premiering Tuesday, October 15th at 10pm – “Brunch Boxes”
In this Chopped competition, the baskets are all packed with ingredients you might find on a sophisticated brunch menu. Near the end of a champagne and caviar appetizer round, one chef makes a generous, but potentially costly, choice. How will the chefs pair a seafood extravagance with pancake mix in the entree round? Then turning classic brunch items into dessert is the final, demanding challenge for the last two chefs.
Judges: Marc Murphy, Alex Guarnaschelli and Aarón Sánchez

Premiering Thursday, October 24th at 9pm – “Circus Spectacular”
Every basket in this competition features circus-themed ingredients. In the first round, the chefs have to make cotton candy and corn dogs doggone delicious. Then in the entree round, one competitor decides to put his nachos — cheese and all — into the food processor. Will the judges like the result? And when snow cones and popcorn pop up in the dessert round, what kind of circus-y sweetness will end up on the finalists’ plates?
Judges: Chris Santos, Scott Conant and Ron Ben-Israel

Don’t miss Chopped After Hours, a web series on, where the Chopped judges step out from behind the chopping block to put their own spin on some of Chopped’s toughest and strangest baskets.

Webisodes include:

Premiering Sunday, October 6th at 9pm – “Halloween”

Judges Marc Murphy, Alex Guarnaschelli and Chris Santos see what they can do with the appetizer round basket filled with potato crisps, eel, candy bats and congealed pig’s blood.

Premiering Thursday October 24th at 10pm – “Circus Spectacular”

Judges Alex Guarnaschelli, Scott Conant and Ron Ben-Israel use the ingredients of the dessert round including funnel cake, snow cone, sour cream and popcorn to make their version of the Chopped dish.

Tweet about Chopped and your craziest basket ingredients using #Chopped.

Cupcake Wars

Premiering Saturday, October 5th at 9pm – “Annie the Musical”
The sun will come out tomorrow, but four bakers had better get their cupcakes out faster than that if they want to make it to the great white way! They’ll fight for the chance to have their cupcakes at the center of party celebrating the revival of Annie The Musical. The winner walks away with $10,000.

Premiering Saturday, October 12th at 8pm – “L.A. Bridal Bash”
Four teams of mother-daughter bakers fight to have their delicious cupcakes at the center of a Los Angeles bridal bash, hosted by legendary high-end wedding planner Kristin Banta. The winner also walks away with $10,000.

Premiering Saturday, October 19th at 8pm – “Hanson”
Four cupcake bakers fight to the finish for the chance at having their cupcakes at a concert and after party for the band Hanson and a $10,000 prize. To get there, they must win over three special guest judges: Isaac, Zac and Taylor Hanson!

Premiering Saturday, October 26th at 8pm – “Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare”
Four cupcake bakers fight to win over the master of horror himself, Rob Zombie. The winner’s vegan cupcakes will be the centerpiece of the grand opening of Rob Zombie’s latest venture, a month-long haunted music attraction called the Great American Nightmare. It all begins with the high-stakes taste challenge, where the bakers must create a delicious cupcake out of foods so spicy they’re rumored to cause nightmares!

Which sweet cupcake creations should take the cake? Comment on Twitter using #CupcakeWars.

Cutthroat Kitchen

Premiering Sunday, October 6th at 10pm – “Kiss My Grits”
All of the competitors throw their chips into the pot in a cutthroat auction for the right to force a rival to make nachos without utensils. Then, we’ll see how one chef deals with a flavorful dilemma as they must hand in their herbs and spices and use savory jelly beans to flavor their sausage and peppers dish. Finally, one chef shows true grit as they attempt to make shrimp and grits without grits.

Premiering Sunday, October 13th at 10pm – “Humble Pie”
The competition gets rolling when one chef has to wear oven mitts to roll up his burrito. Then, one chef gets “served” as they deal with creating the perfect pie using a pie server as their only tool. Finally, it’s a jungle in the final teriyaki bowl challenge when one chef is forced to harvest all of their water from whole coconuts.

Premiering Sunday, October 20th at 10pm – “Un-Holy Trinity”
Time to see how the chefs stack up for the round one pancake challenge! Then, times get tough in Cutthroat Kitchen when one chef is forced to cut their overflowing jambalaya ingredients to just five pounds. Finally, one chef “meats” their match when they get “creamed” (or smashed?) by the winning dish of meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

Premiering Sunday, October 27th at 10pm – “Chicken Cordon ‘Blue’”
In this comfort food episode of Cutthroat Kitchen, these chefs are anything but comfortable. Watch as one chef attempts lasagna “grate”-ness as they make an opponent grate a three pound block of Parmesan cheese. Then, there’s a noticeable chill in the air when one chef denies his opponent the ability to taste their chili. Finally, one chef fights until he’s blue in the face when he’s forced to make his chicken cordon bleu … blue.

After the show, viewers can visit to watch Alton and each episode’s judge revisit the chefs’ biggest missteps and most surprising triumphs. Comment on your favorite devious plans on Twitter using #CutthroatKitchen.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Premiering Monday, October 21st at 10pm – “Aces of Authenticity”

This trip, Guy hits up some joints that are authentic to the bone. In Santa Fe, N.M., a farm-raised Chimayan owner turns out traditional dishes like blue corn enchiladas with red chile sauce. In Portland, a noodle house cranks out mom’s recipes for authentic Chinese dishes like wonton soup. In Albuquerque, an Italian joint with a native Frenchman at the helm serves up fresh pastas like beef cheek manicotti and squid ink black pasta with calamari.

Let us know your favorite local gems on Twitter using #DDD.

Iron Chef America

Premiering Saturday, October 12th at 10pm – “Battle Oktoberfest”
Iron Chefs Michael Symon and Geoffrey Zakarian go face-to-face with a team of Austro-German chefs, led by Bernhard Mairinger, Executive Chef at Bierbeisl in Beverly Hills, Calif., to celebrate this Bavarian holiday. Judges are Valerie Bertinelli, Karine Bakhoum and Eugene Remm.

Premiering Saturday, October 26th at 10pm – “Halloween Scary Combinations”
Iron Chefs Geoffrey Zakarian and Alex Guarnaschelli face off against chefs Spike Mendelsohn and Marcel Vigneron in this spooky trick-or-treat battle. Judges are Audra McDonald, Josh Elliott and Donatella Arpaia.

Join the Kitchen Stadium conversation on Twitter using #IronChefAmerica.

Mystery Diners

Premiering Wednesday, October 2nd at 10pm – “What a Drag”
After hearing complaints from his cross-dressing customers that the weekly quiz night is rigged, Bob, the owner of Venture Inn in Philadelphia, suspects his manager is responsible. Charles sends in Mystery Diner, Danny, who goes undercover as a drag queen to infiltrate the trivia competition.

Premiering Wednesday, October 9th at 10pm – “Three’s a Crowd”
Marvin, the owner of Falls Taproom in Philadelphia, contacts Charles to help investigate an ongoing feud between his girlfriend/manager and best friend/customer. Mystery Diner Miranda goes undercover and discovers someone is taking advantage of Marvin.

Follow the undercover action on Twitter using #MysteryDiners.

Restaurant Stakeout

Premiering Wednesday, October 2nd at 9pm – “Complete Pushover”
Willie rushes to 90 Park in North Bergen, N.J., to come to the rescue of chef/owner Antonia. Due to a family illness, Antonia shifted her attention away from the restaurant, and now she’s paying for it, even borrowing against her house to keep the business running. Though she’s a wizard in the kitchen, Antonia is a disaster when it comes to managing her staff and handling the finances. Without Willie’s help, she’ll lose her business and her home.

Premiering Wednesday, October 9th at 9pm – “Kiss Beso Goodbye”
Willie is called in by Donna, the owner of Beso Restaurant and Bar in Brooklyn. Though a successful businesswoman, Donna’s first try at running a restaurant is coming as a shock. A strong early start has recently turned into bad reviews and plummeting profits, and Donna’s iron grip on the staff hasn’t improved service. Without Willie’s help, this once promising establishment will close its doors for good.

Premiering Wednesday, October 16th at 9pm – “Family Style Failure”
Willie is called in to help husband and wife Larry and Joan, owners of The Original Mama Angelo’s in North Arlington, N.J. This family-style Italian eatery’s authentic cuisine is no longer enough to keep customers coming back for more, and they are worried about losing everything. Pouring their life savings into the declining business, Larry and Joan need Willie to pull Mama Angelo’s back from the brink of disaster.

Premiering Wednesday, October 23rd at 9pm – “Bad News Bistro”
Willie is called in to rescue, Pat, the chef/owner of PK’s Restaurant & Lounge in Staten Island, N.Y. When Pat opened his restaurant a year ago it was a dream come true, but now it’s become a nightmare. Only Willie can help him whip his young, inexperienced staff into shape and get the sprawling menu under control.

Give us your feedback on the restaurants’ dirty deeds using#RestaurantStakeout.

Thieves, Inc.

Premiering Wednesday, October 2nd at 10:30pm – “Candy Store Caper”
At an iconic candy store in New York’s Lower East Side neighborhood, shoplifting happens by the handful every day, and the father and son owners don’t think it’s so sweet. When Scott and Connie find colorful ways to distract the staff, their clients see for themselves how quickly small items can add up to much bigger losses.

Premiering Wednesday, October 9th at 10:30pm – “Cookware Crooks”
At a New Jersey restaurant supply store and chef’s mecca, Scott and Connie really stir things up by attempting to steal an industrial size blender. Meanwhile, some crafty thieves reveal a few tricks of their own.

Premiering Wednesday, October 16th at 10:30pm – “Meat Mongers”
In the quaint town of Pelham, N.Y., a family-owned grocery store’s meat theft problem is butchering their profits, and during a shoplifting sting, a thief gives Scott and Connie a run for their money.

Give Connie and Scott tips on unique disguises on Twitter using #ThievesInc.


Guy’s Big Bite

Premiering Sunday, October 27th at 10am – “Top Chops”
Guy Fieri loves Halloween because it’s the ultimate excuse to think up playful tricks and delicious treats. For the main course, he serves Bone-In Veal Piccata Chops With Parmesan and Parsley that are pounded and pan-seared to perfection. As a side, he dishes out Wild Mushroom and Sundried Tomato Farrotto, risotto’s more rugged, slightly nutty brother. Last but not least, he makes Sweet Blueberry and Mascarpone Toasties — golden and crispy on the outside, but warm and molten on the inside.

Rachael Ray’s Week in a Day

Premiering Sunday, October 6th at 9am – “More Comforts, Classics and Casseroles”
Calling all comfort food lovers! Rachael has five irresistible dishes that are sure to satisfy. On the menu: Italian Meatball Meatloaf Sandwiches; Reuben-Style Casserole With Pastrami Meatballs, Sauerkraut and Barley; Deconstructed Sweet Sausage Stuffed Peppers; Manicotti; and Creamy Fish Enchiladas.

Premiering Sunday, October 13th at 9am – “Back in the Day”
The iconic American foods we all grew up on get a modern day makeover. Rachael cooks Meatloaf Meatballs With Horseradish Mash and Gravy; Cream of Celery Soup With Deviled Ham Toasts; Jeanette’s Famous Broccoli and Crouton Casserole; French Onion Dip Soup With Dijon and Gruyere Croutons; and Chicken A La King.

Premiering Sunday, October 20th at 9am – “Take it to the Bank”
Rachael serves up a stretch-a-buck menu to make you healthy, wealthy and wise. On the menu: Chunky Chicken-Vegetable Noodle Soup; Pulled Whisky BBQ Chicken; Rice and Beans Casserole; Panzanella Strata; and Spaghetti With Chickpea Red Sauce.

Premiering Sunday, October 27th at 9am – “Tuscan American”
Rachael combines two great cuisines, Tuscan and American, into a week of classic dishes. Recipes include: Beef and Pork Italian Chili; Potted Chicken Breasts With Lemon and Rosemary; Zucchini Tomato Sauce With Fat Spaghetti; Slow Simmered Beef With Potatoes; and Baked Pumpkin and Cream Pasta.


Barefoot Contessa

Premiering Saturday, October 26th at 11am – “Best Barefoot Chocolate Desserts”
Ina whips up all things chocolate in the Barefoot Contessa Hall of Fame. On her list: Chocolate pcakes With Peanut Butter Frosting, Deeply Chocolate Gelato, an easy Chocolate Orange Fondue, White Chocolate Truffles and White Chocolate Bark. Don’t forget one of Ina’s favorite desserts – Mocha Chocolate Ice Box Cake.

Giada At Home

Premiering Saturday, October 19th 11:30am – “Diner Favorites”
Giada puts an elegant spin on the classic burger, fries and shake combo. In the kitchen she creates Giada’s Diner Burger with the Works, Parmesan Eggplant Fries With Basil Ketchup and Cupcake Shakes.

Premiering Saturday, October 26th at 11:30am – “Ghoulish Goodies”
It’s Halloween and Giada is creating spooky treats for the kids to enjoy at her festive backyard party. She whips up Pumpkin, Maple and Bacon Cheesecake, Witch Finger Cookies, Brittle Bones and Chocolate-Fig Black Hats.

Heartland Table

Premiering Saturday, October 5th at 10:30am – “Fargo”
Fargo, a surprisingly urban place, is a town that Amy Thielen has been visiting since she was a teenager. She meets up with her kindred spirit, local chef Andrea Baumgartner. Andrea and Amy make Icelandic pancakes from Andrea’s great-grandmother’s recipe to celebrate Fargo’s first generation of immigrants, and then back home, she prepares Grilled Leg of Lamb with African Spices and Herbed Yogurt and Edamame with Dill Salt, showing off some of the more contemporary cultural influences of Fargo.

Premiering Saturday, October 12th at 10:30am – “My Outdoors”
Although Amy Thielen doesn’t fish herself, she can count on Aaron neighbors and friends to bring her fresh fish, especially rainbow trout, which she sautés whole until the skin crisps and then serves with a piquant butter sauce. Amy’s blooming vegetable garden is the inspiration for a Simple Green Salad with Brown Butter Walnut Vinaigrette and Roelli’s Red Rock, a delicious bleu cheese. Then, on her outdoor wood-fired grill, she grills skewers of tomatoes, onion, bacon and bread served with fondue made with clothbound cheddar aged in the amazing cave of her cheese-maker friend.

Premiering Saturday, October 19th at 10:30am – “Roadtrip: Madison”
Winters in Northern Minnesota are long and cold, so as the weather breaks, it’s tradition to begin taking road trips. In this episode, Amy Thielen heads to neighboring Wisconsin to visit Madison, a bright shining star of food culture in the Midwest. There, she picks up some homegrown ingredients, like beef ribs, washed-rind cheese and a smoked Porter beer. Back at home, she brings it all together to make Oven-Baked Shortribs with Porter Mop, Smoked Sardine Caesar with Salami and Pan-Croutons, and a lacquered Maple Bread with Gooey Cheese.

The Pioneer Woman

Premiering Saturday, October 5th at 10am – “Moving Cattle”
It’s a busy day on the ranch with the whole Drummond gang moving cattle, and Ree’s whipping up a rib-sticking lunch. There’s refreshing Lemon Limeade and his and hers pizzas with a great chopped Basil Tomato Salad. For dessert, she serves an Ice Cream Pie With Easy Caramel Sauce. It’s the perfect casual meal for a hungry crew.

Premiering Saturday, October 12th at 10am – “Make Ahead Marvels”
It’s make-ahead marvels all the way from the Drummond ranch. First, there’s Hot Corn Chile Dip that’s perfect for a feeding hungry teenagers. Then, she makes Drip Beef Sandwiches, a huge hit for a hungry ranch crew. Lastly, she makes the perfect Meat Sauce – her secret to so many fabulous feasts.

Premiering Saturday, October 26th at 10am – “Sweet Deliveries”
Ree’s had an epic day ramping up dessert recipes on her blog, and now she’s sharing her treats in a series of sweet deliveries. On the menu: Marshmallow Pops for a sleepover treat; Lime Coconut Butter Cookies for her step mom; and Chocolate Devils for the chocoholics in her life.


Guy’s Family Cruise – Premiering Monday, October 28th at 9pm

Guy Fieri likes to cruise, but this trip, he’s trading in the Camaro for the Carnival Breeze! Cruisin’ the seas of the Caribbean with his family, Guy works the line at Guy’s Burger Joint, suits up for dinner at Fahrenheit 555, braves the rope course and slip slides through the water park. In Ocho Rios, Jamaica, the Fieris explore the island’s culture, cuisine and killer waves. On Guy’s Family Cruise, it’s all about unforgettable adventures and incredible food!


Sweets and Treats Weekend Block – Premiering Saturday and Sunday, October 26th – 27th from 7am-12pm

Episodes include:

The Pioneer Woman: Premiering Saturday, October 26th at 10am – “Sweet Deliveries”

Barefoot Contessa: Premiering Saturday, October 26th at 11am – “Best Barefoot Chocolate Desserts”

Giada at Home: Premiering Saturday, October 26th at 11:30am – “Ghoulish Goodies”

Guy’s Big Bite: Premiering Sunday, October 27th at 10am – “Top Chops”

Rachael Ray’s Week in a Day: Premiering Sunday, October 27th at 9am – “Tuscan American”


The Picky Eaters Project

Launching September 29th

Mom of four Melissa d’Arabian takes back family dinners in a brand-new, web-exclusive series called The Picky Eaters Project. It’s an 8-week workshop she created to tackle picky eating in her own kids, using simple activities that encourage them to develop a more adventurous palate.

Halloween Scare up some delicious fun with Halloween treats for ghouls of all ages. Guests will love festive recipes from Giada De Laurentiis, Alton Brown, and of course, queen of Halloween Sandra Lee.

Rachael vs. Guy: Kid’s Cook-Off Winner Web Series

Launching September 29th

Don’t miss the web-exclusive web series from the winner of Rachael vs. Guy: Kid’s Cook-Off premiering right after season finale on September 29th at 8pm.

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  1. So happy for Damaris Phillips and her new show. She can cook! She's got the know-how and the personality. Her pic, above, is very pretty in a wholesome, non-glitzy way which is quite nice. She can relate well to all ages. With her teaching background and her long experience in cooking, she will offer us years of wonderful dishes. So cool that this is being filmed in Kentucky, too. --Crouton40
    P.S. Amy Thielen's new show -Heartland Table- is good, too. Thank you Food Network, for both shows.

  2. I love Halloween Wars and am glad to see it back for a third go-round. The artisanship displayed always blows me away.

  3. Whoever does Damaris's make-up deserves a hefty raise. Absolutely Gorgeous pic! Without being overdone. Way to go.

  4. They need to bring back Sweet Genius

  5. Good interview w/CHEF DAMARIS PHILLIPS
    Her show--"Southern at Heart" begins Oct. 27th
    Watch at least 4 times.

    She's the BEST Food Network Star winner in years!--Crouton40, creator of

  6. Southern at Heart. That's Chef Damaris Phillips. "The Lady from Louisville." She's got personality and ability. And, she will boost your confidence and show you how you really can be a better cook!

    See the press release for her new show and also the Food Network STAR Blog (and comments). She teaches culinary, knows southern food and has been cooking ever since she was a young girl. And she's good at it. Her wholesome beauty (see above pic) doesn't hurt, either. She's easy to understand and comfortable to be around. Like your best friend is teaching you how to cook. But with more knowledge. You will definitely want to tune-in and see her show. Many times. Great food from a great teacher.
    --James (from Washington state)