Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Food Network Starting To Air Cooking Channel Shows

Some people may have noticed some shows being aired on the Food Network that have never been on or advertised before.  These aren't new shows, but are shows that have aired on the Cooking Channel.  For example, you may have seen Donut Showdown, which is pretty much Cupcake Wars, but with donuts.  The contestants on the show compete for $10,000 and more episodes will air tonight at 7pm ET.

Another Cooking Channel show, Save My Bakery is actually being aired in a primetime spot on Wednesday night at 8pm ET on the Food Network.  This show is a bakery makeover show that has Kerry Vincent making over struggling bakeries both inside and out.

Finally, on Friday, Mo Rocca's My Grandmother's Ravioli will have 8 episodes aired between 2pm and 6pm EST.  My Grandmother's Ravioli has already been on for a whole season, and its second season begins October 2nd on the Cooking Channel.

So for people that do not have both the Cooking Channel and Food Network, this gives you a chance to see some of the shows you're missing (or wouldn't watch).  I am not sure if they will start airing more shows from the Cooking Channel, but it will be something to keep an eye on.


  1. My Grandmother's Ravioli is the only one worth watching. It's a fabulous look into the many home cooks of different ethnicities and how the keep their food traditions alive for their families.

  2. I don't get the Cooking Channel so this is good news to me. Mo Rocca's show sounds great and I like Kerry Vincent. I didn't know she had a show. I saw the donut shows and wondered where they popped up from on FN with no explanation. I watch Cupcake Wars despite the goofy contestants because I'm fond of Justin Willman and Florian. The donut judges didn't seem very congenial.

  3. I watched the donut show because nothing else was on and didn't even realize it was from Cooking Channel, which I don't get because I won't pay for it. The judges seems to lack personality, but that's not saying much seeing as it was on Food Network. I wonder if this means Cooking Channel is struggling for viewers and they're trying to rope some more in? That said, I would watch a few more of these if they were on for free or OnDemand (and Chopped or something wasn't on.)

    Even better, bring back "Unwrapped." I miss that!

  4. Airing cooking channel shows is a good idea. It beats yet another re-run of DDD or Chopped or Allie & her sidekick, which is also shown too often. People want Recipes and new dishes. Also, looking very forward to Damaris Phillips and her new show. She will be awesome!She now has 9000 Twitter followers/friends. That lady can cook. --Crouton40 (not on Facebook or Twitter).

  5. Donut Showdown is a lesser retread of Cupcake Wars, a much better show. I do enjoy My Grandmother's Ravioli. Also, I watched an episode of Save My Bakery and thoroughly enjoyed it. Kerry Vincent has a sly sense of humor, and we discovered on Food Network Challenge that she has a heart of marshmallow under the fire-breathing dragon exterior.

  6. I watched two episodes of the donut show out of curiosity and because I liked Danny Boome when he was on FN. I didn't realize he'd been banished to the Cooking Channel gulag. The donut show was a virtual carbon copy of Cupcake Wars; Danny had very little to do and he was kind of a stiff, to be honest. The bald judge who did most of the talking could easily be the host, too. I can't imagine fans of Cupcake Wars won't go for this, too.

    I'm all for Scripps repurposing shows on FN if it whacks a few dozen repeats of DDD, Restaurant Impossible or Chopped.