Saturday, September 7, 2013

Good Eats Episodes Now Available on Amazon

Back in February, Scripps Networks reached a deal with Amazon to make many of the Food Network shows available on Amazon Instant Video.  Good Eats was not one of those shows, and fans of Alton Brown are always asking when Good Eats would be available on things such as Amazon, Netflix, etc.

Well, now it looks like they have released some seasons of Good Eats on Amazon Instant Video (Link). Seasons 9 through 14 are available, and Seasons 12 through 14 are all free if you have an Amazon Prime Membership.  Season 9 has 22 episodes, Season 10 - 20 episodes, Season 11 - 20 episodes, Season 12 - 15 episodes, Season 13 - 19 episodes , and Season 14 - 22 episodes.

You can always Join Amazon Prime for a free 30-day free trial if you do not have a membership and want to watch some episodes.  Also, some other free episodes are available on Hulu (5 episodes), Food Network (6 episodes) and on Youtube (All episodes, but a lot have been removed due to copyright issues).  So, for all the people wanting Food Network to replay Good Eats episodes, there are some options out there to get your fix.


  1. Oh goodness -- need to get a tight grip on the debit card because I could go broke on this!

  2. Or you can go to and download them all for free and play them in iTunes or your Apple TV in hd!