Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Viet Pham Defeats Bobby Flay In Iron Chef Battle

Chef Viet Pham battled Bobby Flay this past Sunday on Iron Chef America, where the secret ingredient was ground meat.  Viet Pham defeated Bobby Flay by the score of 80-73 and really impressed the judges with his beef fat ice cream.  It looks like we are stuck with the new gimmicks of Iron Chef America - the 20 minute first dish, which is scored immediately, and the 'culinary curveball.'

Did you recognize Viet Pham from anything else?  Find out what other Food Network show he was on after the jump.

Viet Pham was also on the latest season (Season 2) of Extreme Chef, where he finished runner up to Terry French.  Maybe the glasses threw you off a bit or you just didn't watch that show.  Iron Chef Judge Simon Majumdar was also a judge on Extreme Chef.


  1. Love Bobby Flay, but Viet Pham DESERVED this win.

  2. Agreed! Let's see... Bobby Flay made a hamburger and Viet Pham made beef fat ice cream. One of the two is more creative than the other.