Monday, January 14, 2013

Alton Brown On The Layover Tonight with Anthony Bourdain

Alton Brown Anthony Bourdain The Layover
Photo - Travel Channel
Alton Brown will be on The Layover Atlanta episode tonight at 9pm on the Travel Channel.  Alton is a resident of Atlanta and actually filmed episodes of Good Eats there. He recently sold the studio in which Good Eats was filmed for $1.67 million.

In the episode, Alton and Anthony Bourdain visit the Clermont Lounge in Atlanta, which is a popular dive bar/strip club.  In the Clermont Lounge, they talk to a famous stripper named Blondie, who is known for crushing beer cans between her breasts.  So, if you want to check out Alton Brown showing Anthony Bourdain around Atlanta, tune into the Travel Channel at 9pm Eastern tonight.

Update - Eater has the video if you want to watch.

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