Friday, January 4, 2013

Alton Brown Is Not Producing Justin Warner's Show

Alton Brown Twitter Justin Warners Show
Alton Brown revealed on Twitter that he will not be producing Justin Warner's new show, which is scheduled to begin filming very shortly.  A question was asked to Alton stating "when does the next food network star u produced going to air?"  Alton replied with his normal picture of a sticky note stating, "Justin's show is shooting in January.  Regrettably, I didn't get to produce it."

Justin went on to add that the reason was 'budget contraints' and that Alton 'christened the ship' and currently 'has a lot on his plate.'

This kind of defeats the idea behind last season of Next Food Network Star which stated the chefs were competing for the "ultimate prize: their own Food Network show, to be produced by their ‘Star’ team leader."  Maybe when they use mentors again, they should block off some time in the mentor's schedule so they can actually produce the show.

Despite Alton not producing the show, I am still looking forward to Justin's show and interested on the concept, as it will not be your normal travel show. 

UPDATE - Now we know the reason why.

Source - Twitter


  1. Figured there was something rotten in Denmark about this show. Was originally supposed to have aired in the fall of 2012, and now here we are in January and there's apparently not one episode in the can yet.  Alton doesn't have the time to produce it, eh?  Interesting.  I have to say that I'm disappointed that it has taken so long, but the disappointment is fast waning.  Am getting to the point where I don't care anymore.  I've pretty much lost interest now. And since it's more travel related than cooking related, makes me even more uninterested.  Food Network's programming is leaving a lot to be desired these days...too much "reality" programming and not enough cooking in my opinion.  Have turned the channel and found some new stuff that interests me.

  2. Makes you wonder if he's (Alton) not confident in it and doesn't want to be associated with it if he think it's not going to work.

  3. Something is definitely amiss here, and these excuses sound like just that..."excuses." 

  4. I see too many pessismists here. His show is set to air soon and like I thougt it will premier probably around the time the next season of Food Network Star appears.

    I dont get what Barbara is saying too many 'reality' (all cooking shows are pretty much reality) and 'travel' related shows which only Guy and Jeff's shows seem to be travel (Bobby's new show though I dont take interest in at all)... I dont think you sit and watch the shows all day and if you are only waiting for Justin's show then youre not really a food enthusiast to begin with...

    The main thing that may have brought such an onslot of negativity was how the recent Next Iron Chef was obviously rigged for Guarnascheli to win when Falkner or Freitag should have won.

    But honestly other than that people just seem to be pessimists about any bit of news that makes these posts and quite frankly Im over that stinky attitude. You watch these shows because you are interested in food.

    I feel like people here are just getting bitter and impatient... Justin's show will happen ... I know its frustrating that its taking longer than all the other past winners' shows but Justin tweeted himself that it were to be filmed in January (hopefully a spring release show) so just hang in there ...

    As for Alton not producing it is just a shame but my wonder is he probably wanted to take it to a more expensive level and pretty sure there are budgets for beginners like Warner before they can really project for somethong bigger. Alton is one of the Food Network gurus so he probably does have more on his plate then he could originally handle.

  5. yeah, i have to wonder if once it was 'decided' it wouldn't be a cooking show, if alton threw his hands up - and who could blame him. i'll still hold out hope that it does involve cooking after visiting a place (like one of the other test shows suggested) but  i'd still rather see him just in the kitchen though.

  6. i don't think it's pessimistic to be disappointed when what you were told would happen ceases to be. 

    i think what barbara was getting at is that there are less and less straight up cooking shows like there used to be. everything is a competition or reality show type deal - next food network star, food truck race, c next iron chef, restaurant impossible, restaurant stakeout, mystery diners...i could go on. i actually enjoy some of those, but unfortunately 9 times out of 10 when i tune into FN it's a 3+ hour marathon of fucking diners drive-ins and dives. 

    i personally just don't enjoy watching other people traveling around eating random food (please tell me $40 a day got canceled) - leave it to the aptly named travel channel IMO. even iron chef, which i enjoy, now has 'twists' and 'curveballs' that take away from the cooking. i'd hate to see the food network go the path of MTV. i hope we get to see justin cook and i'll certainly give it a shot, but it just seems so far like the poor kid keeps getting sold short.

  7. Justin seems to be featured in a lot of commercials where hes gone to different festivals and events.. it may not be his show but I believe its Food Networks way of showing he is still integrated and I believe wait patiently and his show will come..

    THe thing is they show cooking shows in the morning.. the travel-like shows in midday and the competition/reality themes at night unless there are marathons going on. Also Cooking channel seems to have more of the straight up cooking shows although they do have some reality-based shows as well... I actually think its balanced its just the shows you dont like are on more.. I feel like if youre only waitig for Justin's show then thats your deal but dont bring down the whole network because then youre not really watching these shows because youre a foodie/someone interested in food... youre watching to be entertained .. yeah these shows are not perfect but if it were then itd be pretty boring to watch as well.

  8. Agreed. It's becoming like MTV, where they used to actually play music videos and now it's anything but. Every few months I've been checking in to see what the hell is up with Justin. It's May and still nothing. It makes no sense why they didn't just let Justin (with or without Alton) just do whatever the fuck he wanted, since obviously that's exactly what America wanted, too. If you're not giving your customers what they're screaming for, then you must either a.) be a real idiot, or b.) don't want anyone's business.