Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Chopped Champions Tonight - Plus 200th Episode Filmed

Chopped 200th Episdoe Scott, Alex, Marcus, Ted
Photo - Facebook
Tonight begins another round of Chopped Champions on the Food Network at 10pm.  Chopped Champions puts 16 past winners of Chopped up against each other for the opportunity to win $50,000.  It is a 5 episode competition with one chef advancing in each of the first four episodes to compete in the 5th and final episode for the $50,000.  The past winners of Chopped Champions have been Madison Cowan and Danielle Saunders.  Here are all of the competitors that are returning this season.

Also, look forward to later in this season of Chopped for Chopped All-Stars.  The first episode is Food Network vs Cooking Channel, 2nd episode - Mega Chefs, 3rd episode - Judges, and the 4th episode - Celebrities.  The winners of each will then compete in a final for $50,000 to go to their chosen charity.  No air date has been announced for this yet, but I will keep you updated for when it airs.

Ted Allen also sent out the picture above earlier today and announced they are shooting the 200th episode of Chopped right now.  The series started in 2009, and they have been pumping out episodes non-stop since then, and are already on their 14th season.  Pretty much what goes on with all hit shows on the Food Network, where the continually produce them, then play reruns to fill time (Restaurant Impossible, Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives, etc.). 

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  1. Saw the first episode. Little disappointed in who won but whatevs... Excited for the next because I like everyone in it from what I remember of them.

    As for the Chopped All-Stars im anticipating the announcement of who is all competing. I kind of wonder and hope Ted Allen gets to compete who will host the show is a mystery (maybe in judges category?Aside from Conant theyve ran out of regular judges who havnt competed yet.. unless its he newer chopped judges competing) ... I also would like to see Liz Falkner compete on chopped... As for the Celebrities category, my guess it will be a select few from the Celebrity Chef competitions..