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Food Network February 2013 Programming Highlights

Chef Wanted With Anne Burrell
The Food Network has put out a press release detailing the programming in February on the channel and some of the highlights include:

  • Only 2 more episodes to suffer through of Rachael vs. Guy (one is during the Super Bowl, so ratings can't be good on that one.)  The season finale is Sunday, February 10th with the winner getting $50,000 for their charity.

  • Chef Wanted With Anne Burrell premieres Jan 31st and has 4 new episodes in February.  Note that it starts out on Thursday nights, then moves to Sunday Nights February 17th at 10pm (when Rachael Vs. Guy ends.)

  • Worst Cooks in America begins Sunday, February 17th at 9pm with Anne Burrell going against Bobby Flay for her 4th straight victory.  So, Anne Burrell will be on 2 straight hours on Sunday nights starting February 17th.

  • The Chopped Champions finale will be on February 12th, with the winner receiving $50,000.
  • New episodes of Bobby's Dinner Battle on Wednesday nights.  I think this series will be another one and done for Bobby Flay, but I guess we will see.

  • Iron Chef America battles of Morimoto vs. Cantu (a rematch as Cantu has beat him before) and Flay vs. Wexler.

Press Release Below:



Plus: Season Finales of ‘Rachael vs Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off’ and ‘Chopped Champions’ AND Countless Winter Recipes from FoodNetwork.Com

NEW YORK – January 15, 2013 – Food Network fires up February with the season premieres of Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell and Worst Cooks in America. Anne Burrell is back on the hunt for America’s best chefs as she puts four candidates through the ultimate Executive Chef job interview in season two of Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell beginning Thursday, January 31st at 10pm.

Her search continues, but this time for the Worst Cooks in America premiering Sunday, February 17th at 9pm, as she and Bobby Flay face-off to see who can turn kitchen disasters into culinary masters. Food Network also dishes out the season finale of Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off on Sunday, February 10th at 9pm, as one celebrity chef takes home a $50,000 grand prize for their charity.

Another winner is crowned on the season finale of Chopped Champions Tuesday, February 12th at 10pm, as one competitor proves for a second time that they deserve the ultimate Chopped title and a $50,000 prize. Competition continues with premiere episodes of primetime favorites including Bobby’s Dinner Battle, Sugar Dome and Iron Chef America. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Food Network sweetens up the weekend with Chocolate/Valentines Weekend Cooking Block on Saturday and Sunday, February 9th and10th from 7am-12pm. Then, Food Network staves off the winter chill with a Comfort Food Weekend Cooking Block premiering Saturday, February 23rd and 24th from 7am-12pm. is the go-to destination for all Valentine’s Day creation ideas and all winter recipes and tips for the cold months. Join the Food Network conversation on Facebook and Twitter.


Worst Cooks in America- Premiering Sunday, February 17th at 9pm

Worst Cooks in America, the primetime Food Network hit that turns kitchen zeroes into kitchen heroes, returns for a fourth season with a rematch between undefeated series champion Anne Burrell and culinary master Bobby Flay. This season’s fourteen cooking-challenged contestants are split into two teams, one led by Anne and one by Bobby, for a grueling seven-episode competition designed to turn them into competent cooks. A $25,000 grand prize will be awarded to the winning contestant who has achieved the most successful culinary transformation, along with a victory for their team leader.

Premiering Sunday, February 17th at 9pm -”Worst of the Worst” – SEASON PREMIERE!

In the season premiere, the fourteen recruits, each nominated by family and friends for their horrendous cooking skills, arrive at Boot Camp to find Anne Burrell and Bobby Flay with grocery bags full of food found in the homes of each recruit. They must use their processed, packaged and canned foods to cook a dish displaying the best of their culinary skills at home. After a brutal first tasting, the chefs then select their teams. For their first challenge, the contestants must create a classic meat and potatoes dish, much like you’d find in any classic microwavable meal. The twist? No microwaves. Anne’s team will attempt Seared Pork Chop with Grape Sauce while Bobby’s team will attempt Tenderloin of Beef in Mushroom, Mustard and Red Wine Sauce. The contestant with the least successful dish on each team is sent home, while the remaining twelve competitors survive to cook another day.

Premiering Sunday, February 24th at 9pm – “Straight Edge Skills”

The remaining recruits wake up to a note from Anne and Bobby saying they are going on a culinary field trip on the high seas. They head to the docks and jump aboard a fishing boat where they meet the ship’s captain and his fisherman crew. After catching a few fish, they head to a nearby barge where Anne and Bobby give them a demo in how they will need to cook the fish they just reeled in, including a lesson in the necessity of safe and clean knife cuts. For their skill drill challenge, the recruits will attempt to recreate Crispy Skin Black Sea Bass with an Avocado-Tomatillo-Fennel Relish. The recruits will then use their, hopefully, newly attained knife skills to debone a whole chicken. This main dish challenge is all about using fresh ingredients and the importance of healthy farm-to-table cooking. Anne’s recruits will replicate Chicken Scarpiello with Soft Parmigiano Polenta and Bobby’s must cook Chicken Chasseur with Creamy Polenta with Gruyere and Parmesan. The two contestants that are the least successful will walk the plank back home.

Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell – Premiering Thursday, January 31st at 10pm

Superstar chef Anne Burrell hits the pavement to help prominent restaurants around the country find their most valuable employee – the Executive Chef. In season two of Food Network’s Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell, Chef Anne puts four top-level candidates through the ultimate job interview as she tests their culinary chops and business savvy in kitchen challenges that run the gamut. From testing their resourcefulness by creating a delicious dish using only four ingredients, to assessing their ability to pair their own dishes with a signature beer from the restaurant’s menu, these chefs are in for the challenge of their lives. For the final two chefs it all boils down to one night of service when they are handed the keys to the restaurant and, potentially, the job of their dreams.

Premiering Thursday, January 31st at 10pm – “Italian Empire”
Tuscan Kitchen is a massive restaurant desperately seeking a new Executive Chef who can handle volume while maintaining the tradition of down-home Italian cooking. Anne tests four candidates on their Italian scratch cooking skills and their knowledge of Italian regional cuisine. After a dramatic turn of events, she sends one candidate home in tears. In the end, the two final chefs are each handed the keys to the restaurant for a dinner service. One chef’s service gets off to a bad start while the other struggles when confronted with a special VIP table. Owner Joe Faro struggles to decide who will be the next Executive Chef of Tuscan Kitchen.

Premiering Thursday, February 7th at 10pm – “Sunset Strip Icon”
Legendary Sunset Strip restaurant Mirabelle has just been completely renovated and needs to find an Executive Chef to help complete their new vision. Anne brings in four candidates to compete for this coveted spot. The chefs are tested on their ability to work with the scraps of high-end ingredients and tasked with creating a whole new menu for Mirabelle. The two chefs left standing face the ultimate test of running the kitchen for a night. One chef battles nerves while the other has to correct courses in the middle of service. In the end, only one will be chosen to usher in the new era of this legendary restaurant in the heart of Hollywood.

Premiering Thursday, February 14th at 10pm – “The Gastro Pub”
Sea Dog Steak & Ale outside of Boston needs a new Executive Chef who can create cutting-edge gastropub cuisine. Anne brings in four candidates who are tested on their ability to create a dish paired with one of Sea Dog’s signature beers and are then asked to create a dish using live lobster. The two remaining chefs are given the opportunity to run the restaurant for an evening. One chef has to trash an entire dish while the other has trouble taking control of the kitchen. Only one will be left standing as the new Executive Chef of this famed pub.

Premiering Sunday, February 17th at 10pm – “Puerto Rican Paradise”
Puerto Rico’s late night hot spot, Oceano, is looking for a new Executive Chef to expand their menu. Anne gives four candidates a chance to compete for this spot. They are challenged to create a gourmet version of a traditional Puerto Rican dish and must create a signature “sexy” dish for Oceano’s menu. The two remaining chefs face the toughest test of all – running the evening dinner service. One chef faces a kitchen staff mutiny while the other makes an executive decision that might turn the tide. One chef walks away with a new job as the next Executive Chef of Oceano.

Premiering Sunday, February 24th at 10pm – “Texas Sized Operation”
Anne brings in four candidates to 10,000-square foot restaurant Abels on the Lake in Austin, Texas to compete for the position of Executive Chef. The chefs are tested on their use of a difficult ingredient, as well as their ability to handle both quantity and quality when they must create a new dish and plate as many as they can in only one hour. When the final two chefs are each handed the keys to this expansive restaurant for dinner service they are given the challenge of cooking for a surprise special event. One chef must re-work an entire dish just as customers are entering the dining room, and the other must overcome poor communication with the staff. It’s a big job for a big restaurant, and only one walks away with the title of Executive Chef.


Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off

Premiering Sunday, February 3rd at 10pm – “Lights, Camera, Lunch Trucks”
With four celebrities remaining, Rachael and Guy explain the penultimate challenge, as two food trucks – one branded Team Rachael and the other Team Guy – roll into the parking lot. The teams must choose a theme and come up with menu items for their truck. Season one winner Lou Diamond Phillips guest judges with a surprising double elimination to determine which celebrities go on to the finale.

Premiering Sunday, February 10th at 9pm -”Star-Studded Supper” – SEASON FINALE!
The two finalists go out with a bang, as they host an elite Hollywood dinner party. They plan, cook and serve a three-course meal for the dinner guests, which include surprise guests Kathy Griffin, Chef Nancy Silverton, Chef Suzanne Goin and other notable chefs, along with their respective charity executives. These dinner guests help determine which celebrity will earn a $50,000 grand prize for their charity and bragging rights as winner of Celebrity Cook-Off.

Chopped Champions

Premiering Tuesday, February 5th at 10pm – “Chopped Champions: Part 4″
Four returning winners battle for the last remaining spot in the $50,000 Chopped Champions grand finale. In the first round, the chefs shake things up with sour apple martini mix in the basket. Then, with an imposing cut of meat and sweet wine in the entrée round, the champions aim to keep the creativity level high. After the judges taste two very different desserts made from corn nuts and Maraschino cherries, which champion will earn the coveted last spot?

Premiering Tuesday, February 12th at 10pm – “Chopped Champions: Finale” – SEASON FINALE!
In the grand finale of the Chopped Champions tournament, four two-time winners stride into the kitchen with their eyes on the big prize – $50,000! In the first round, the champs are faced with some fresh surprises and a baked good. Then, after saying goodbye to the first chef, the competition takes a slimy turn with sea snails in the basket. With expectations and pressure sky-high, what will the two chefs who have managed to make it through nine rounds of cooking manage to do with carrot juice and honeycomb for dessert?


Bobby’s Dinner Battle

Premiering Wednesday, January 30th at 10pm – “Battle Chicago”
Bobby Flay challenges three teams of the best home cooks in Chicago to throw a Speakeasy-themed dinner party. While husband and wife, Kat and Steve’s party feels more like Prohibition than a Speakeasy, husbands Marc and Ryan serve everything but the kitchen sink, and mother and son Doris and John take the theme to a whole new level with their dinner theater antics. Who will be named the best home cooks in Chicago and take home the coveted Bobby’s Dinner Battle trophy?

Premiering Wednesday, February 6th at 10pm – “Battle Northern New Jersey”
Bobby Flay challenges three teams of the best home cooks in Northern New Jersey to throw a diner-themed dinner party. While brothers Jim and Bill make their own mozzarella cheese and diner favorite cheesecake from scratch, husband and wife, Kristen and Eren struggle to keep their cool while burning their fingers, and brother and sister Liza and Ed pay homage to their Italian and Lebanese while flooding their dinner table with dish after dish. Who will be named the best home cooks in Northern New Jersey and take home the coveted Bobby’s Dinner Battle trophy?

Premiering Wednesday, February 13th at 10pm – “Battle New York”
Bobby Flay challenges three teams of the best home cooks in New York to throw a melting pot-themed dinner party. While best friends Cat & Noelle draw upon their world travels to impress Bobby, best friends Nappy and Craig take-on frying their dessert, a first time risk for them both and husband and wife Chris and Sarah attempt to grind and create their own sausage. Who will be named the best home cooks in New York and take home the coveted Bobby’s Dinner Battle trophy?

Iron Chef America

Premiering Sunday, February 10th at 11pm – “Morimoto vs. Cantu”
Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto faces off against Challenger Homaro Cantu. When Chef Cantu and Iron Chef Morimoto last met in Kitchen Stadium, Chef Cantu won by a single point, and there’s a grudge to settle. Judges are Donatella Arpaia, David Rocco, Kaley Cuoco.

Premiering Sunday, February 24th at 11pm – “Flay vs. Wexler”
Iron Chef Bobby Flay faces off against Challenger Micah Wexler. Chef Wexler is a James Beard award semi-finalist for Rising Star Chef of the Year 2012. Judges are Anthony Anderson, Karine Bakhoum and Michael Ruhlman.

Sugar Dome

Premiering Sunday, February 10th at 8pm – “Alien Invasion”
Cake artists, sugar artists, and special effects make-up artists take viewers to outer space as they tell the strange story of an alien world with their edible creations. Only one team will walk away with a $15,000 prize.

Premiering Sunday, February 17th at 8pm – “Extreme Amusement Park Rides”
There are plenty of twists and turns as teams of cake artists, sugar artists, and roller coaster designers join forces. Their creations must capture all the thrills and adventure of roller coasters in mind-blowing food art. After a grueling challenge filled with impossible twists, only one team will walk away with a $15,000 prize.

Premiering Sunday, February 24th at 8pm – “Video Game World”
Teams of cake artists, sugar artists, and animators join forces to capture the adventure, fun, and challenge of video games. After a grueling challenge filled with impossible twists, only one team will walk away with a $15,000 prize.

Daytime: Barefoot Contessa, Giada at Home, Guy’s Big Bite, The Pioneer Woman, Paula’s Best Dishes
Primetime: Chopped, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Restaurant: Impossible


Chocolate Weekend Cooking Block- Premiering Saturday, February 9th and 10th from 7am-12pm
Whether you are looking for a fresh take on a chocolate treat or plans for a romantic dinner for two, Food Network serves up two cooking blocks with new episodes of Barefoot Contessa, Giada at Home, Guy’s Big Bite, The Pioneer Woman and Paula’s Best Dishes.

Comfort Food Weekend Cooking Block – Premiering Saturday, February 23rd and 24th from 7am-12pm

What better way to fend off the winter chill than curling up with Food Network for two weekend mornings of warm comfort foods including premiere episodes of Giada at Home, Guy’s Big Bite, The Pioneer Woman and Paula’s Best Dishes.


Bobby Flay Fit
Learn how to live a healthy life – while still enjoying your favorite foods – in Bobby Flay Fit, a new, web-exclusive video program. Joined by special guests Michael Symon, Katie Lee and other health and fitness professionals, Bobby shows you how even someone who’s surrounded by food all day can stay fit.

Comfort Foods During the cold winter months satisfy your craving for hearty food with recipes like meatloaf, casseroles, homemade cookies and more. Sample stick-to-your-ribs classics from Paula Deen, the Neelys and Alex Guarnaschelli.

Valentine’s Day
Add some delicious romance to Valentine’s Day this year! Try Ina Garten’s make-together meal,
learn how to pick the perfect champagne or browse decadent chocolate desserts from Ree Drummond, Giada De Laurentiis and Sweet Genius Ron Ben-Israel.

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