Sunday, January 13, 2013

Geoffrey Zakarian Vs Michael Chiarello Iron Chef Battle

Geoffrey Zakarian Michael Chiarello Iron Chef
Photo - Food Network
Tonight Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian went up against Michael Chiarello on Iron Chef America, where the secret ingredient was scotch.  Geoffrey and Michael were both on Season 4 of The Next Iron Chef: Superchefs, which is the season Geoffrey won to become an Iron Chef.

With the new format on Iron Chef America, after the first dish, Chef Zakarian was ahead of Chef Chiarello 12-10.  The culinary curveball was then announced, in which the chefs had to incorporate scotch bonnet peppers into one of their dishes.

After the judges scored all of the dishes, Geoffrey Zakarian received a total of 78 points (first dish, taste, culinary curveball, originality, plating), while Michael Chiarello received 70 points.  Pretty easy victory for Geoffrey judging by the points, but the judges tonight didn't seem too serious about judging, so who knows how close it actually was.

Geoffrey was without his favorite sous chef Alex Guarnaschelli as she is now an actual Iron Chef, but was still able to pull out the victory without her.


  1. This one was actually pretty funny, much better show when they don't take it so seriously. Alcohol as a secret ingredient is the way they should go from now on.

  2. I actually agree this episode was funny and actually anticipated.. in season 4 of NIC Chiarello was the only contestant who hadnt previously battled in kitchen stadium so I had a feeling he would compete soon... I like that he went up against Zakarian, we havnt seen these sort of revenge challenges since Symon (Kaysen and Cosentino challenged him I believe after their season) and well if you dont count Garces losing to Madison Cowan and Amanda Freitag was his sous chef..

    I liked Alton's witty comments toward Zakarian and Zakarian glaring back at him it was hilarious. The judges were funny but rather annoying to. Particularly Bartka but whatever I get hes a chef too so thats why he seemed ridiculously critical...

    I was kind of hoping Chiarello would have got his revenge but Zakarian proved he can still win with class and humor... Why did he eat the pepper i dont know...I guess for the flavor but forgetting its one of the hottest peppers is ridiculous! But it was fun watching him down champagne and scotch just to get rid of the burn or he says!

  3. Hmm, missed this one...will try to watch it online.  Actually think Chiarello is the better chef between the two, but I have also come to believe that the Judges are told to favor the Iron Chef unless it's blatantly obvious the competing chef is better.

  4.  Geoffrey Zakarian and Alex Guarnaschelli.....i love you guys and watch you all the time

  5. This one was a joke.  Zacharian's team was obviously far superior in every aspect, even without tasting the food.  Chiarello should have chosen a better team!  other than an awesome dessert from the pastry chef, i didn't see a single original item.  Lame! 
    What ever happened to battles like Flay vs Andres, John Besh, etc!  The industry is getting so blown out by TV and media that people tune in to watch an outdated PBS food star get beat by a washed up restauranteur and hotelier.