Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Paula Deen Loses a Family Member

Paula Deen People Magazine Weight Loss
Photo - People Magazine
Ok, not literally, but Paula Deen revealed to People Magazine how her whole family got fit over the past year.  Paula lost 40 pounds, her husband Michael lost 60 pounds, and her sons Jamie and Bobby lost 45 and 33 pounds, which totals up to 178 pounds.  I would say they lost a whole person's worth of weight.

Paula has repeatedly said that the key to her weight loss nothing drastic, but just eating in moderation.  Hopefully they can all keep the weight off and continue their healthy lifestyles.


  1. Considering Paula kept her diabetes a secret for years and only came out with it when $$ was involved, I highly doubt that her weight loss was just eating in moderation.

  2. Good for her to take the weight off along with her family. Hopefully everyone learned from her experience whether it was kept secret for awhile or not. Now just a pat of butter not the whole stick! :) 

  3. She's about as disingenuous as they come, and she needs to quit pawing every young man she sees.  She recently unbuttoned the shirt of a guest on her show and then had him bend over so she could look at his rear end.   It is not just makes her look like a stupid, horny old woman.