Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Preview of Worst Cooks In America Season 4

Cast of Worst Cooks In America Season 4
Photo - Food Network
The Food Network has posted a 5 minute video previewing the first episode of Worst Cooks In America.  The video starts with all of the competitors competing in a 'baseline' challenge, where they are each given a bag of basic ingredients and have to put together a dish with those ingredients in 45 minutes.

Highlights of the video, which is after the jump, include:
  • A competitor deciding to make a 'mole sauce' with M&M's and sauce.
  • A competitor touching raw chicken and not washing her hands, who is then unable to pronounce salmonella.
  • A competitor making 'oatmeal, fruit mush.'
  • Anne Burrell calling someone Poindexter because he is wearing glasses and a bow-tie.
  • A competitor making 'ride or die' enchiladas, who then is missing a fake nail, which could be in the enchiladas.

Looking forward to the 4th season?


  1. Hey, couldn't be worse than R vs G

  2. Yes, what could be worse than R v. G...can't stand either one of them.  Am sick of listening to "Cool Guy" Guy scream--and take off the damned sunglasses...you are no movie star.  What an arrogant jerk.

  3. Ann and Bobby are a great team, the "real deal"  Rachel and Guy - lol - Fakes!  Rachel and her wanna be rock star husband and Guy that wanna be Sammy Hagar.

  4. How come they let Alex on the show? Wasn't he on Master Chef???

  5. I crossed checked and no he wasnt on Master Chef (unless he went by a different name)... so far I find him to be annoying though... he kept saying baby in the first episode and it was bothering me..... but so is Carla and her over abundance of a personality! I swear she was hired to be over the top!

  6.  He was on ABC's Glass House