Sunday, August 3, 2014

Restaurant Impossible's Tom Bury Gets Married

Photo - Twitter
Last night at the Bonnet Island Estate in Long Beach Island, NJ, Restaurant Impossible's handyman Tom Bury married Erin Hilgedick, who is a producer on Restaurant Impossible.  Many people from Restaurant Impossible were at the wedding including Robert Irvine and his wife Gail Kim, producer Marc Summers, and designers Taniya Nayak and Cheryl Torrenueva.

Tom and Erin got engaged in October of 2013, and producer Marc Summers responded to the news with, "About freaking time! Did he build that ring himself? I want to produce the wedding, assuming I am invited! Great news! The first marriage out of RI staff. Matt hired Tom, I hired you! New series?!"

Congratulations to Tom and Erin!


  1. That's awesome! Congrats Tom and Erin!

  2. It's almost a twofer, since Robert Irvine met Gail Kim while doing an episode of Dinner: Impossible.