Monday, March 31, 2014

Worst Cooks In America Season 5 Finale - Winner Gets $25,000

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The Worst Cooks In America finale is tonight at 9pm on the Food Network with Amber Brauner representing Team Bobby and Jamie Thomas representing Team Anne. They both have to create three course meals in a professional kitchen, and the contestant that does a better job will take home $25,000 and bragging rights for their mentor.

Here are their Contestant Bio's from the press release before the season started:
Amber Brauner (Redlands, CA): For single mom Amber, the kitchen is an emotional place because it brings back memories of her late mother. She and her mother had children very young, and Amber often gets mistaken for her daughter’s sister. All of her dishes are either bland or burnt, and her friends have even called her cooking worse than prison food. She is discouraged and would rather ink it up at the tattoo parlor where she works as a tattoo artist than stink it up in the kitchen. Amber has four kids and while they handle the cooking for themselves, they are worried that if Amber doesn’t learn to cook, she will never find a husband and end up alone when the kids move out.

Jamie Thomas (New York): Jamie has a sophisticated palate and loves good food, but he knows nothing about making it. His career as a flight attendant has exposed him to authentic cuisines from around the world, but Jamie was once turned down for a position because he couldn’t make a simple omelette. His husband and family are skilled home cooks, and Jamie knows he needs to expand his culinary repertoire beyond sticks of butter, cold cereal and the microwave. He looks forward to one day hosting fabulous dinner parties with his husband in their New York apartment.
Regarding Amber having children young, and article in a local article has Amber being 36 years old, with her children's ages Brianne, 22, Zoi, 18 (she was the one who nominated her for the show and was on the last episode), Ashton, 17, and Avery, 13.  That means Amber had her first child at 14 years old.

Amber also models for a group she calls the "Crazy Ladyz" and acts, including some appearances as an extra on Sons of Anarchy.  Many of her modeling pictures are on her Instagram account if you are interested.  There are a lot of pictures of her without her clothes on to show off tattoos, like this one, so beware if you are looking at work (Instagram is safe for work, but just a warning).  Her daughter Zoi, who was on the show last week, also models with her mom, and here is her Instagram account.

There wasn't much more information on Jamie out there, so his bio as a flight attendant looking to improve his cooking skills to someday host dinner parties will suffice.

As of writing this, the Food Network fan vote has 65% of the people rooting for Jamie/Team Anne with 35% rooting for Amber/Team Bobby.  There are also people complaining about Amber's nails and Jamie's sexual preference.  It's just a reality show for entertainment, so no need to take things so seriously.

I will update this post after the episode airs to reveal the winner of season 5 of Worst Cooks In America.

The winner is now listed after the break:

Amber Brauner impressed the judges more with her 3 course meal and won the $25,000 and the bragging rights for Bobby Flay.  Congratulations to Amber!


  1. I didn't watch because I had a tv conflict and always watch these shows on repeat the following Saturday. That said, spoilers never bother me, but I was supporting Jamie for the win. However, I really like Amber, her story, and her attitude IF she would just get rid of those RIDICULOUS, HIDEOUS nails. OMG. I'm amazed Bobby kept her for that reason alone. Anyway, congrats to Amber! I'd like to see Jamie on FN as a regular.

  2. Ick! Can't believe the phony duck face won. :( Jamie was so much better! I honestly believe these shows are rigged. Food network needs to do better.
    How about a REAL cooking show for a change instead of all these idiotic ersatz "competition "shows?

  3. Michael Lindeen Jr.April 2, 2014 at 4:16 AM

    They air real cooking shows basically every morning. On weekdays, it goes into the afternoon. Also. I highly doubt that it's "rigged". If it was, then the other contestants would be howling.

  4. dwight mannsburdenApril 2, 2014 at 1:59 PM

    nice to see Jack McDavid back. He was Bobby Flay's first cooking show partner, overalls and a trucker hat.

  5. "Funky Fungo Town" - I just threw up a little in my mouth from that.

  6. I like Jamie quite a bit (although I wonder if he's quite as colorful off-camera). But I loved Amber's grit, and I noticed the judges couldn't find a single negative with her food. To those who fret because Jamie is gay, time to get over it.

  7. I was rooting for Jaime to win (we homos got to stick together), but i'm satisfied with Amber winning. Also: She had a kid at 14? Holy crap!

  8. I find it interesting that both Bobby and Anne dumped the straight guys. Well, Bobby won again, guess he'll be back again next season. Anne is losing her touch.

  9. I was rooting for Jamie but liked Amber too. The fact that Jamie seemed happier because Amber won makes me like him better.
    I wouldn't want to eat her pie crust given her nails but she does seem very nice.

  10. I find your statement suspiciously homophobic.
    its the 21st century. Get over it.

  11. Not really, just the truth. Did or did not the two straight (average looking men that appeared to live average lives) get dumped for 2 avant-garde types. My comment was more about appearance than sexuality. Maybe you need to be less sensitive. So very tired of politically correct types like you.

  12. Im sick of people like YOU starting useless straw arguments over the internet because you have no life. Go troll someone else.
    Oh other people have opinions, too. You're not smarter or more brilliant for starting fights. You're pathetic.

  13. Back at you princess. Do you really think that your opinion has more weight than mine. You replied to my post. So if anyone is trolling it's you. You don't know me at all, so to suggest I'm biased or homophobic or any other description you can come up with is bull. The problem with those of you who think you have social consciences is that you live in a fantasy world. My comment was based on the appearances of the two that were not chosen by Bobby and Anne. I suggest that you look at the show again and tell me I'm wrong. Has nothing to do with phobias, just eyesight. So now stop trolling me. See my avatar and walk on by.