Thursday, March 27, 2014

Food Network Shows No Longer Available On Amazon Prime

Last year, Scripps Interactive agreed on a deal with to have shows from the Food Network, Cooking Channel, etc. available on Amazon Prime for free.  Now that the year is up on that deal, Amazon has dropped Scripps from the Amazon Prime lineup, and Amazon Prime members can no longer stream Food Network shows for free.  The Food Network shows are still available on Amazon, but you need to purchase them for $1.99 or $2.99 per episode.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Scripps programming disappeared from Amazon last week after renewal talks fell apart.  An article in the Boston Herald said "Scripps stood to earn $11 million in 2014 licensing revenue from Amazon, according to Sanford Bernstein senior analyst Todd Juenger. Scripps has about $0.04 earnings per share in jeopardy, out of a projected EPS of $3.95, unless the programmer can reach a deal with another SVOD service like Netflix or Hulu."

So, if you have an Amazon Prime account and watch Food Network shows on there, you will no longer be able to watch them for free.  There are already people complaining to Amazon on their forums about this, but I don't think this will cause anything to change.


  1. Who cares? I would not pay money to watch anything that is on Food Channel. Especially when all the shows are almost the same, and there are 20 Guy Fieri shows every day, and 5 of the same of everyone else.

  2. I have Amazon Prime and I am unhappy. It doesn't matter though. Scrunching numbers for profit with very little thought to the consumer is how we (The USA) rolls.