Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Next Iron Chef Redemption Cast Announced

Well, not officially, but Alton Brown posted this picture on Twitter:

The Next Iron Chef Redemption Season 5

Looking at the picture, the cast will include:

  • Nate Appleman, Jehangir Mehta, and Eric Greenspan from The Next Iron Chef Season 2
  • Chef Amanda Freitag from The Next Iron Chef Season 2 and a Chopped Judge
  • Elizabeth Falkner, Alex Guarnaschelli, Spike Mendelsohn from  Season 4 of The Next Iron Chef - Superchefs
  • Marcel Vigneron from Season 2 of Top Chef and
  • Chef Tim Love from Top Chef Masters

The season is schedule to begin Sunday, November 4th at 9pm on the Food Network. Who do you predict will win?

UPDATE - From the official press release, a 10th competitor will be decided by online vote to compete:
'The tenth slot will go to the winner of a web-exclusive competition taking place on FoodNetwork.com, the four chefs taking part in the web battle are: Duskie Estes and Robert Trevino, who have previously competed on The Next Iron Chef, and newcomers Lee Anne Wong and Madison Cowan.'


  1. Alex Guarnaschelli

  2. Two possibilities jump out, depending on whether or not Madison Cowan wins the web vote:

    1) If he doesn't win it, then I pick Alex. Her status as Zakarian's more-or-less permanent sous-chef gives her a huge leg up.
    2) If Madison does win the web vote, he'll probably be the next Iron Chef. If any of you hasn't seen his Chopped episodes, trust me: there is nobody better at taking a bunch of disparate ingredients and coming up with something you'd think he'd been serving for years.