Friday, August 10, 2012

Guy Fieri's Lamborghini Thief Involved in Jailbreak Attempt

Max Wade Lamborghini ThiefBack in May of this year, Guy Fieri got his Lamborghini back after it had been stolen and missing for over a year.  Max Wade was the suspect accused of the theft after they found the Lamborghini when searching his storage unit from an unrelated arrest.  Max has been in Marin County Juvenile Hall ever since the arrest and is awaiting trial.  Today was Max's 18th birthday, which meant he was going to be moved out of the Juvenile Hall and transferred to the adult Marin County Jail.

Apparently he did not want to go to the adult jail, because this morning around 4:30am in the morning, staff at the juvenile hall heard thumping from outside, which happened to be a sledge hammer slamming against the wall in which Max was on the other side of.  Suspects had cut holes in the perimeter fence with bolt cutters and were using a sledge hammer to try to break through the juvenile hall walls to free Max.  They didn't succeed and fled on foot leaving behind bolt cutters, a sledge hammer, and a backpack with a change of clothes in it supposedly for Max.  Police searched for the suspects for a few hours, but were unable to find them and the search was called off.  Max has since been to the adult county jail.

When reached for comment (not really), Guy Fieri stated, "Not kewl that they used tewls to try to break out that fewl."

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