Monday, August 6, 2012

FYI Guy Fieri is Cooler Than You

Guy Fieri
Or should I say kewler than you as Guy would?  Tonight is the season premiere of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.  Somehow, the show began 5 years ago, but is already in its 15th season, which is probably the reason we see the show and its reruns on the Food Network nonstop.  Guy likes to use Twitter solely to brag about everything he is doing, so lets take a look at some of his tweets:

Guy Fieri Lollapalooza"Rockin back stage at Chili Peppers with Hunter. So bitchen !!! @lollapalooza"

"Big day checkin' out @49ers practice and cookin' up some lunch..."

"Couldn't make it back to Cali to cook it up with Colin Farrell so we sent him a message on @jaylenotonight"

"My krew kickin' ass to get Guy's American Kitchen & Bar NYC ready to rock Sep 2012!"

"Rollin down to LA on @AlaskaAir to guest host the @TheTalk_CBS. Always a blast on that show!"

"OMG! @brookeshields on @TheTalk_CBS today. Soooo kewl !!!"

"Whooaaa! Just went 159 mph in this wicked boat on Lake of the Ozarks"

"Hunter n I @sonomarace #nascar in the @hdwireless trailer watchin all the in car cameras. 4 cameras per car. Sooo kewl"

These are just a few of the latest of thousands of annoying tweets from Guy, so head on over to Flavortown if you want to check out more.

Also, look at the search terms Google suggests if you type in "Guy Fieri is"

Guy Fieri Google Autofill

So if you can get past Guy and watch "Triple D" for the food, tune in tonight for the newest season.  Also, the show with tons of unintentional comedy will be back for a second season - Rachael vs. Guy - Celebrity Cook-Off, so look for that in the future as well.  Can't wait to see the 'celebrities' they have competing this year...


  1. I am so sick of Guy and his booming (screaming) at the camera...he's so full of himself and to think I used to like him.

  2. I don't get why some people hate on this guy so much.

    IMO he's not that bad. The only thing I'd want him to change is how he types - Guy should stop typing as if he's some stupid 90's* or whatever kid / teen. I love his hair and stuff but typing like that is taking the whole "I'm quirky in a good way" thing too far.

    * ( ? I don't know when using "kewl" instead of "cool" became a thing )

    Something I came across just now while looking up stuff on him : "Like calling Jews “cheap,” treating women like boobs with legs, using
    the show’s production team for his own projects—and being creeped out by
    gays" wow, seriously? Since when? this is news to me ....if any of this is true then I could better understand why anybody would ever make a big deal - ( in a negative way ) - about him. I think hating on him for his hair and clothes ....stuff like that...would be stupid reasons for hating on him but it's a whole different thing if he's making homophobic and racist remarks along with being a stereotypical male and only seeing women as "boobs with legs".

    As for using teams for his own what? What's wrong with that?
    I also don't remember him ever "booming" or "screaming" anything.....