Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Restaurant: Impossible 50th Episode Special

Restaurant Impossible Robert Irvine
Just a reminder that tonight is a special episode of Restaurant Impossible and that it will air at 9pm EST rather than its normal 10pm EST time slot.  The first episode aired in January of 2011, so they have been pumping out episodes pretty much non-stop to get to the 50th episode.  I guess we will see how many restaurants have failed since Robert's visit, but with such a small time frame since the beginning of the show, most will probably still be in operation.  Here is a description of the episode and what will be in the special:

"Restaurant: Impossible is celebrating its 50th episode with an in-depth look at what it takes to make "Restaurant: Impossible" possible. Over the course of 49 missions, millions of viewers have tuned in to Food Network to watch the drama unfold as Chef Robert Irvine combats the issues and the people who are stuck in failing restaurants. This episode will unveil never-before-seen footage, including some of Robert's and his team's favorite, funniest and most frustrating moments. In addition, Robert will revisit several of his toughest restaurants to get updates on how they are doing today."

Also, Wedding: Impossible, which premiered this Saturday featuring the wedding of Robert Irvine and Gail Kim had 2.167 million viewers and was the most watched cable program on Saturday night, even beating preseason football games.  There will be a rerun of Wedding: Impossible at 10pm EST after the special 50th episode tonight if you missed it.

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