Sunday, August 4, 2019

Worst Cooks in America Season 17

Photo - Food Network
Tonight at 9pm ET/PT on Food Network is the season 17 premiere of Worst Cooks in America.  This is the third season of Worst Cooks in America this year and this season has Bobby Flay returning to mentor against Anne Burrell.  There are fourteen cooks competing for the $25,000 prize and looking their 15-minutes of fame, who are listed below with their occupation from the Food Network site:

  • Idriss Alison (Bronx, New York) - Transformational coach
  • Jonathan Beyer (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) - Opera singer
  • Sharon Grant (Dallas, Texas) - Minister
  • Terry Grawey (Peoria, Illinois) - Certified hypnotist
  • Nina Kharoufeh (New York, New York) - Single Palestinian
  • Gina Lam (San Diego, California) - No occupation given
  • Kayla Longstreth (Firestone, Colorado) - Dance teacher, professional dancer
  • Mercedes "Sadie" Manda (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) - College student
  • Karma Ann Moody (Hayesville, North Carolina) - Bridal shop owner
  • Adrian Read (Bronx, New York) - Zumba instructor
  • Juliann Sheldon (Charlotte, North Carolina) - Professional cheerleader
  • Peter Smerlas (Waltham, Massachusetts) - Construction worker, rapper
  • Father Adam Young (Cranston, Rhode Island) - Priest
  • Laith Wallschleger (Tampa, Florida) - Former professional football player

This season will be eight-episodes long and the finale will be on September 22nd at 9pm.  I will do another post for the finale, but feel free to discuss this season in the comments.

UPDATE - To see who won this season, here is the post with the information.

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