Monday, May 5, 2014

Kitchen Casino Probably Canceled

Photo - Food Network
Tonight you may notice that Kitchen Casino is not on in its usual timeslot on Mondays at 9pm ET, and it has been replaced with a Cutthroat Kitchen rerun.  Or perhaps you will not notice at all because the ratings for the show have been low. 

Kitchen Casino's new episodes have been moved from Monday night at 9pm ET to Sunday night at 11pm ET.  This move was likely done due to the low ratings the show was pulling in and it most likely signals that Kitchen Casino will be canceled.

The ratings for Kitchen Casino in a prime Monday slot have been:
  • Series Premiere - April 7 - 0.852 million viewers, 0.499 million adults 18-49
  • April 14 - 0.687 million viewers,  0.418 million adults 18-49
  • April 21 - 0.542 million viewers, 0.342 million adults 18-49
  • April 28 - 0.627 million viewers, 0.347 million adults 18-49

For reference, the same Monday 9pm timeslot for Worst Cooks in America, which Kitchen Casino took over the week after its season finale:
  • March 3 - 1.560 million viewers, 0.780 million adults 18-49 
  • March 10 - 1.348 million viewers, 0.648 million adults 18-49
  • March 17 - 1.198 million viewers, 0.551 million adults 18-49
  • March 24 - 1.420 million viewers, 0.708 million adults 18-49
  • March 31 - 1.347 million viewers, 0.694 million adults 18-49
The remaining new Kitchen Casino episodes that have been taped will still air, but just in a different time slot.  When the Food Network removes a show from its original time slot, it is usually due to low ratings and most likely means the end of the show, with the most recent example being Buy This Restaurant.

(Ratings from Futon Critic)


  1. Perhaps America is losing it's thirst for silly food game and competition shows. We can only hope...

  2. This one can't leave the airwaves too soon.

  3. dwight mannsburdenMay 5, 2014 at 2:54 PM

    I'll take "food network hosts that don't suck for $200, Alex"

  4. Congrats to Amy and to Ina. I've read comments that Amy's book is not only beautiful but a good read with more than just recipes. Looking forward to taking a look at it. I'm also glad to see Ina recognized for the quality of her food and show. These 2 have become an exception for the quality of talent on FN these days.

  5. Ahh I liked this show alot

  6. Yes! We can only hope. I would love to see some instructional cooking shows aired between 7-10pm. There's plenty of room to do so. We don't need that many episodes of DDD or Chopped hogging the airwaves.

  7. Congrats Amy & Ina! I'll take great recipes from pleasant hosts any day, over reality TV competitions. Way to go! Wish Food network would have some instructional shows on between 7-10pm.

  8. Alas, cooking shows are what get ratings during prime time. I think instructional cooking during prime time is a thing of the past. And based on the dreck of the of their "instructional cooking" shows, I think they are also a thing of the past. Support your local PBS station!

  9. I can do without the constant DDD but don't talk about Chopped. That's a good show and Ted Allen is forever handsome

  10. America's Test Kitchen fan through and through

  11. I enjoy cooking competitions but this one just isn't fun to watch. The atmosphere is grim and I cringe every time they show Bill Rancic in close up. He looks terrible and is almost unrecognizable from his Apprentice days. Also, just two judges doesn't feel right. There's a reason why most panels have three or four.

  12. Not a great loss, that's for sure.

  13. Couldn't figure it out...The game itself was very hard to follow; and the end game seemed like an afterthought (just a spin of the wheel).

  14. If this show doesn't come back..other shows should make chefs switch around. Or is there one that already does?