Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Catch The Neely's On Celebrity Wife Swap Tonight

Photo - Food Network
Pat and Gina Neely haven't been on the Food Network in a bit, besides reruns of their show on Tuesdays at 10:30am.  Tonight you can catch them on ABC's Celebrity Wife Swap if you are interested.  Gina Neely switches houses with supermodel and actress Angie Everhart, and the show airs at 10pm ET.

A press release with the show description is below:
"Angie Everhart/Pat & Gina Neely" - Supermodel and actress Angie Everhart and Food Network Stars and best-selling authors Pat & Gina Neely are featured in next week's episode of "Celebrity Wife Swap," TUESDAY, MAY 13 (10:00- 11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Supermodel and actress Angie Everhart lives in Los Angeles, CA with her boyfriend of two years, Carl, Angie's son Kayden (4) and Carl's daughter Joann (7). Carl runs a healthy meal delivery service that provides low-calorie, pre-packaged meals to its clients, as well as providing all of the meals to this family. Because of that, the family does not spend a lot of time cooking in the kitchen. When it comes to caring for the children, Angie and Carl split duties, with Angie taking the lead with her son Kayden and Carl with his daughter Joann. Self- proclaimed "adrenaline junkies," Angie and Carl like to participate in extreme sports together, including numerous skydives.

Food Network Stars and best-selling authors Pat and Gina Neely live in Memphis, TN. They have been married almost 20 years and star in "Down Home with the Neelys." Pat & Gina's daughter, Shelby (19), is away at college and Gina's daughter Spenser (25) is living back at home, saving money for an apartment of her own. As a couple that lives and works together, Pat & Gina spend a lot of time together. Whether it's cooking dinner or testing recipes for their upcoming third cookbook, they enjoy time together at home with their well-used kitchen serving as the command center of their home.

When it's time for the swap, Angie arrives in Memphis and soon realizes she is in a "cooking home." With Angie coming stocked with her pre-packaged meals, Pat is dumbfounded that anyone would bring their own food! Angie does not eat fried foods and she spends an awkward first evening with Pat as he prepares a fried catfish dinner for the Neelys' friends and family. Tensions really flare later in the week when Angie is taxed with helping Pat prepare dinner for a local food critic who is coming over. With the stress and pressure rising, Pat and Angie hit a boiling point.

Back in Los Angeles, Gina finds it hard to adapt to the whole pre-packaged meals routine, as well as the way Carl and Angie delegate responsibilities with their respective children.

When it's time for rules change, having noticed that Spenser spends all her time at home hiding out in her room, Angie arranges a group dinner at a local restaurant so they can all spend time together, without the work of cooking an elaborate meal. Angie also shares some of her modeling tips with Pat during a surprise photo shoot. Back in Los Angeles, Gina is determined to get rid of the pre-packaged meals and get Angie's family cooking together, so she plans a BBQ at the family home. Gina also schedules some bedtime activities aimed at getting the parents working as a more cohesive unit with both their kids.

"Celebrity Wife Swap" features two women of celebrity families trading households, lifestyles and children (but not bedrooms) for one week. During that time, the women -and swap families - learn what it is like to live in someone else's shoes, but everything changes during the second half of the week when the women make their own rules and get the chance to run the household their way. At the end of the week, the couples reunite for a raw, honest and highly-charged exchange of views in which they make frank assessments of one another and discuss the experience.

"Celebrity Wife Swap" is produced by Zodiak Los Angeles. Bruce Toms and Tony Yates serve as executive producers. It is broadcast in 720 Progressive (720P), ABC's selected HD format, with 5.1-channel sound. This program carries a TV-PG,D,L parental guideline.

If you haven't seen Gina in a while, you will notice her weight loss, which she lost a while ago and has kept it off.


  1. cant wait for tonights episode, I found Angie's fiance here

    http://dailyentertainmentnews.com/tv/carl-ferro-angie-everharts-boyfriend/ they are so great together, happy fot them! carl is cute

    I was readin about Pat Neely here, http://dailyentertainmentnews.com/tv/pat-neely-gina-neelys-husband/ didnt know his restaurants had been closed! too bad his book is awesome!

  2. Thanks for the heads-up! I'll have to catch it on On Demand.

  3. Jesus, Gina is downright skinny!

  4. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  5. There is no apostrophe in a plural.

  6. There is actually a shirt that says "Apostrophes do not make plurals." I own one and wear it proudly.

  7. I happened to see Pat and Gina on "The Talk" a few weeks ago, and did not recognize Gina. She looks at least 10 years younger, too

  8. This was a nice episode. Both couples treated one another with a lot more respect that you typically see on this show.

  9. I was wondering what happened to them.... They should have a new Food Network show, "Where Are They Now.." Al Roker used to have specials on the network.

  10. Just the thought of these two people on a show like this makes my skin crawl.