Monday, February 24, 2014

2014 SOBEWFF Food Network Highlights

Here is just a quick recap of some events that happened at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival (SOBEWFF) in Miami this past weekend. 

On Thursday, there was a beach volleyball tournament with chefs and SI Swimsuit models.  Here is a picture of all of the participants:

Photo - Twitter

The winning team included Spike Mendelsohn, Jeff Mauro, Tim Love, Gigi Hadid, and Lily Aldridge.

Photo - Twitter
SI Model Samantha Hoopes decided to play volleyball in this outfit:

Samantha Hoopes Bikini
Photo - Instagram

Chopped judge Chris Santos won $500 to donate to a charity of his choice for his dish at The Q, a BBQ event hosted by Michael Symon and Chrissy Teigen.

Photo - Instagram

Anne Burrell showed up with yet another new haircut

Michael Symon won the People's Choice award at the Burger Bash, with a burger called the
The Fat Doug.  The burger was topped with coleslaw, pastrami, Castello-aged Havarti cheese, and stadium mustard.

Photo - Food Network

The Shake Shack won the judges award with a cheeseburger topped with crispy beer-marinated shallots and ShackSauce.

Trisha Yearwood sang on stage while cooking on stage at the Grand Tasting Village and also at her brunch event.  Here is a video of her singing on stage at the Grand Tasting Village:

Paula Deen made an appearance and rode Robert Irvine again as she did a few years ago:

Paula Deen Riding Robert Irvine

And here is video of that.  If you are interested in looking at more pictures of all of the events, you can look at the hashtag #SOBEWFF on Twitter.  Or, if you have Instagram on your cell phone, search #SOBEWFF, and there are tons of pictures and video to look through.


  1. I would have hoped Chef Robert would have more dignity, but apparently not.

  2. Robert does not look happy. Poor man.

  3. Come on are being given a second chance.....a little dignity is in order or it's back to the trailer park with you.

  4. I think Carie is cheating..something seems off there. She just is too good at what they are cooking...and amber needs to cut her nails yesterday.

  5. PD needs to retire and spend her billions on the grandkids. Thankgod her show is gone and her stupid friend "Bubbles" tapped danced into oblivion.

  6. I am a nurse and we aren't allowed long nails, let alone fake nails at work due to the bacteria that can be present underneath them. I can't believe the chefs would even taste anything prepared by Amber. It is totally unsafe and disgusting. All I picture is her using the bathroom & then cooking. How clean to do you think she gets those nails. They are setting a very bad example on of all things, a cooking show!