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Restaurant Express Contestants - Preview

Bianca Rose - Food Network
The premiere of Robert Irvine's Restaurant Express is tonight, although the first episode has been available On Demand for a few weeks.  As is usually the case with reality shows, many of the contestants have already been on reality TV before.  For Restaurant Express, three of the nine chefs have already appeared on TV on cooking related shows. 

The three chefs that have appeared on TV before are:
  • Seonkyoung Longest - Appeared on Fox's Masterchef 4
  • Bianca Rose - Competed on Chef Race: U.K. vs U.S., which was on the BBC and hosted by Claire Robinson.
  • Adam Goldgell - Competed on Chopped in Season 4 and was eliminated after the dessert round
Below I have listed a little information about each of the contestants and their restaurant concepts they pitched during the first episode.

Patrick Ruocco - A private chef, Patrick, 34, moved from Los Angeles to his hometown of Danville to run his own restaurant, but right before opening, his business associate stole his life savings. He's eager to leave small-town America for the big city and provide for his family with his own eatery.
Restaurant Concept - Farm To Table

Seonkyoung Longest - Food Network
Seonkyoung Longest - Born and raised in South Korea, Seonkyoung, 29, grew up working in her family's restaurant before moving to Mississippi. She used Food Network as a means of adjusting to life in the United States, and it even helped her learn English. Seonkyoung is a home cook who's passionate about Asian-inspired dishes featuring signature spiciness.
Restaurant Concept - Spicy Asian Food

Jan Charles - Jan, 44, is a home cook and longtime Food Network fan. In addition to providing for her own four children, she is now mother to her three nieces and nephews, and she hopes a restaurant would offer her new opportunities for financial growth.
Restaurant Concept - Exquisite Comfort Food

Johnathan Hurley -A brain injury took away the ability to taste and smell from Army veteran Johnathan, 31, who enrolled in culinary school before some of his sensory perceptions started coming back to him. He specializes in elegant meals — ones that he promises are far from bland — and hopes to open a fine-dining restaurant.
Restaurant Concept - Fine Dining Sports Bar

Amira Watson - "A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, Ameerah, 27, is a private chef and single mother who works multiple jobs to provide for her daughter. Owning her own restaurant would mean that Ameerah could pay tribute to her late brother and ultimately offer her daughter a bright future. Ameerah enjoys lighter Southern fare, but she also has a penchant for date night-designed meals.
Restaurant Concept - Love, Passion, and Aphrodisiac Cooking

Eric Gitenstein - "A chef who's ready to take the next step in his career, Eric, 30, is a supper club owner who believes his business practice and time in the kitchen will give him the tools to be successful in the competition. Eric hopes to own his own restaurant so he can make the final culinary decisions."
Restaurant Concept - Upscale sandwiches and small plates

Kimmy Moy - "After a devastating car accident left her unable to work, Kimmy, 46, closed her restaurant in Cincinnati before moving to Las Vegas. She's the daughter of a master chef and now works as a waitress, a job that leaves her unfulfilled. Kimmy knows that opening another restaurant is what she needs to once again feel complete."
Restaurant Concept - Healthy Asian Fusion

Bianca Rose - "After enduring several tragedies, Bianca, 35, decided to follow her longtime passion for cooking, and she is now a culinary school graduate and chef. Bianca is confident that with her desire and combined experience in business and the kitchen, she'll ultimately earn her own restaurant, a would-be tapas lounge."
Adam Goldgell  - Food Network
Restaurant Concept - Sweet and Savory Small Bites

Adam Goldgell - "A longtime executive chef, Adam, 46, is ready to own his own eatery where he can design his own menu and cook the food he wants. A professional chef for more than 12 years, Adam takes a lot of pride in his work; when he cooks something, he's not satisfied unless someone tells him it's the best thing they have ever tasted."
Restaurant Concept - Community Table
Anyone you are rooting for to win this season? 
Some info from Food Network's Restaurant Express page.

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