Thursday, November 14, 2013

Food Network Website Getting A Makeover

The Food Network website,, is going through a design change, and you can now preview what the new website will look like.

If you go to you can take a look at the beta website and navigate around.  All of the links will work and you can search around the new website to see how each page looks.  The site navigation is pretty much the same, but there are a lot of different graphics.

I am sure people who are resistant to change will complain when the new website goes live, but that is usually the case when websites are updated.  What are your thoughts on the new website?


  1. Feeling good about it. Optimistic. Looking at the pic above, you provided some of the most common tasks/categories that people would look at, right-up-top, nice-n-organized..i.e.."Shows, Chefs, Recipes, Restaurants." The 2 main other things I would be interested in are Videos, which I saw when I clicked on:, and then...BLOG..i.e being able to post opinions about Food Network Star, etc. Looks good.

  2. No link to Cooking Channel?

  3. I like the look, which I think is more modern. I also think it's easier to navigate. The only critique I have is that the top menu take up a lot of the screen when you mouse over the options. I like it more than what they had.

  4. Oh good. I went to for the first time in a very long time yesterday looking up information on the new Farmhouse Rules show. I noticed that 1.) they've had the same website design for the past decade and was in need of a new look and update and 2.) it was very cluttered with a lot of small print (I have very bad eyesight and prefer larger print, even with my glasses).

    The new site is a lot easier to look at and and navigate. I approve.

  5. Actually, there is a link to Cooking Channel—and to HGTV as well.

  6. ScrambledwithcheeseNovember 18, 2013 at 2:58 PM

    I really like the look of it.