Monday, November 4, 2013

Mamma D's From Restaurant Impossible Has Closed

Mamma D's in Pipersville, PA, which appeared on Season 2 of Restaurant Impossible, has closed as of last week.  I was notified by a reader about the closing and was able to verify it through Facebook.  While the restaurant hasn't posted anything about the closing on their Facebook page or website, there are some posts by customers, such as this one that suggest the restaurant closed on October 26th.

Also, on Chef Louie Desiato's Facebook page, there are a lot of posts to Louie thanking him for the memories, and wishing him the best of luck in the future that refer to the restaurant closing.

The Mamma D's episode originally aired in September of 2011.   An article a year after the episode aired stated that the restaurant didn't stick with Robert Irvine's menu, and that while business was up a bit, it was still a struggle due to the economy.  This is the 9th restaurant to close from Season 2 (2011-2012) of Restaurant Impossible, which means more restaurants have closed than remain open from that season.  The Restaurant Impossible Update Page has been updated to show this closing.

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  1. I wonder if he brought the animals back?