Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bobby's Dinner Battle Canceled, Plus New Version of Throwdown To Come

Bobby's Dinner Battle Canceled
Photo - Food Network
Martie Duncan from last season of Next Food Network Star recently interviewed Bobby Flay at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival (SOBEWFF).  In this quick interview, Bobby Flay revealed that his show, Bobby's Dinner Battle will not return for another season, after just five episodes, because 'it just didn't work.' 

Late last year, Bobby Flay's 3 Days to Open, was canceled after just six episodes, so add this to the list of failed attempts at Bobby Flay shows.  Meanwhile, it took the Food Network a whole year to come up with a one hour special for Next Food Network Star winner Justin Warner.

He also revealed that he will be doing a new version of Throwdown.  He stated, 'Details aren’t out yet but it’s going to be good. People really liked that show and want to see more; this is a new spin on it.'  So look for that to come in the future.  Maybe he will Throwdown with Gordon Ramsay for his 'new spin.'


  1. When and If Bobby flay gets a "personality"...the network might be able to find him a show that people want to see. But for now- not gonna happen. He needs to laugh once in a while.

  2. I think the man wants to be Ms. Ray so bad he can't stand it. Obviously he can cook so maybe they could try dubbing him.

  3. Why doesn't he just stick with Throwdown He's not my favorite FN "personality," but he seems like a genuinely nice person (if douche-y at times) and the Throwdown format gives him the opportunity to be both hyper-competitive but also happy to showcase a "regular" person's skills.

    Or better yet, why make it a competition? Why doesn't he just go to a regular person's house for dinner and make it an interview-style format. I would be much more interested in watching that - I think he's a good conversationalist and enjoys meeting new people - than watching some dreck where people fret about impressing him with table settings and "winning" some arbitrary title.

  4. I'm not a Bobby Flay fan but I actually enjoyed Dinner Battle. It was interesting to me to see what home cooks could come up with in 3 hours.

  5. I would like to see Dinner Battle do it up large in Sonoma California! Wine capital, organic cooking of the USA!!! I'd love to kick it off! Expert entertainer, theme queen and want to be chef!!!!!!