Tuesday, September 11, 2012

3 Days to Open with Bobby Flay Not Returning After Six Episodes

Bobby Flay 3 Days to Open Canceled3 Days To Open With Bobby Flay will not come back for another season after finishing its first season of six episodes.

In an interview with Jerseybites, Bobby is quoted as saying, “It proved to be so difficult. When I open a restaurant, I have six key people who work on different facets of the restaurant.  In ‘Three Days To Open’ I’m basically doing everything to get these people, who have never done this before, to open…and ultimately it was so physically and emotionally exhausting that I decided I couldn’t do it anymore.”

While Bobby has said it was physically and emotionally exhausting, and he decided he couldn't do it anymore, we have to wonder if the Food Network canceled 3 Days to Open due to low ratings.  If the show was very successful, I bet Bobby would be able to deal with the exhaustion a little better and continue with the show.


  1. Hey, Bobby, it was also the most BORING program Food Network has ever produced. 
    (Don't get me wrong, I'll watch anything w/ Bobby Flay in it...big fan...but this show was a Loser.)

  2. I loved the show and am so disappointed it was canceled! Bobby Flay made it quite obvious how much he really cared for, and wanted to help, these people who had no idea what they were up against since they had no experience in the business!! The chix tender guy in NYC, I would've walked out on after 30 minutes!!!!