Thursday, March 28, 2013

Chef Wanted With Anne Burrell - Precinct

Precinct Cincinnati Chef WantedTonight on Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell, Anne helps find an executive chef for Jeff Ruby at his flagship restaurant, Precinct.  Precinct is actually a very well rated restaurant that has received a 28 (out of 30) Food ranking from Zagat, and has a higher Zagat rating than any steakhouse in New York City or Chicago.  So this is a step up from some of the bars and pubs we have seen earlier in the season of Chef Wanted.

Cris Collinsworth, a former Cincinnati Bengal, and currently an announcer on NBC's Sunday Night Football, is an investor of the restaurant and will be on this episode as a guest.  A few years ago, Cris was actually rescued from a Jeff Ruby restaurant in Kentucky that tore loose from its moorings along the Ohio River (story).  You wont get that kind of random, useless information from the Food Network update.

The restaurant has said that they love the new chef, and are happy with the new chef, so it looks like the winner of the episode will stick around.  I will update this post with the winner when it is announced.

The chef that ended up winning was Rahman "Rock" Harper.  You might recognize Rock from the 3rd season of Gordon Ramsay's Hells Kitchen, as he won that season.

Rahman Rock Harper Chef Wanted

Rock decided to stay in Washington DC at the DC Central Kitchen, which is the nonprofit he works for.  He did not end up moving to Cincinnati to take the job, so add this to the list of Chef Wanted winners to not take the job.

UPDATE 3/29/2013 - The executive chef job was awarded to Ian Kapitan, who was a chef in New York.  Ian was picked to be on the show based on his resume, but decided he didn't want to be on the show because reality TV was not for him.  So when Rock decided he did not want the job, they called Ian Kapitan.  Britney Ruby Miller was quoted as saying, "In the end, we still got the guy we wanted."


  1. I missed the first half of the show - was that Rock Harper from Hell's Kitchen who won?

  2. Yup... Just updated this post

  3. So the video on the FN says he declined the job. So did the other guy get it? He wanted it so bad, I hope they called him back, that would be such a miracle for him. Please find out if he got the call and let us know. I do understand how Rock could not want to leave his teaching kitchen. Teaching is a calling, not just a profession.

  4. this show is such a lie and not worth watching. Every show has the same outcome. Anne you disappoint.

  5. See the new update. Someone else got the job.

  6. Hats off to Rock for staying at DC Kitchen!
    . The man put his heart and soul above his pocketbook.