Thursday, March 7, 2013

Chef Wanted With Anne Burrell - Culina Restaurant

Chef Wanted Culina
Photo - Food Network
Tonight's Chef Wanted With Anne Burrell is looking to find a new executive chef at Culina Restaurant.  Culina is located in the Four Seasons hotel in Los Angeles, California.  It looks like tonight's winning chef is actually going to end up working at the restaurant.

Culina's Twitter page says " GRANDI NOTIZIE! ("Big News!) Thurs, 3/7 at 10pm we'll announce a NEW chef of Culina on FoodNetwork's ChefWanted!"  They have also said they will be live tweeting during the episode.

Their Facebook page says "This Thursday, March 7th, we will announce a NEW and incredible chef of Culina, Modern Italian on the Food Network's 'Chef Wanted' featuring Chef Anne Burrell, at 10 pm EST/PST!"

I will update this post with the winning chef and any other updates after the episode airs. 

Chef Mette Williams (pictured below) was the winning chef this episode and was offered the executive chef position at Culina, which she took.  Chef Williams has previously worked at Spago in Beverly Hills and was the executive chef at Lexington Social House in Los Angeles.  She is still the executive chef at Culina.  So, finally some quality chefs competing for a job they actually want on an episode of Chef Wanted.

Chef Mette Williams Culina LA


  1. A winning contestant actually was offered and/or accepted the job?  It's a Festivus miracle!

  2. Tonight was the best show of the season! I was cracking up! Love the line about Linus and the spoon from one of the chefs tonight. He was hilarious!!

  3. This episode was intense and funny too! What is up with the crazy hair Anne?

  4. Truth is so hard to tell, it sometimes needs fiction to make it plausible. - Francis Bacon

  5. Nice to hear the chef won one actually works there. The other chef with the tattoos was so passionate and intense. Where is he working? Where are the other 2 chefs too?

  6. I gotta' tell you - I am tired of Anne's yelling. I don't think the b*tch angle is working, if that is what they are trying. Chill out chef.

  7.  I've only seen the show once, but I remember thinking I wish just one of the prospective chefs would reply to her yelling by saying to her "Either shut up and pick up a spatula or get the f*** out of my kitchen".