Monday, March 4, 2013

Food Network Sunday Night Recap - Winners and Losers

Worst Cooks In America Episode 3
Here is a quick update on the competition shows that aired on the Food Network last night, with the winners and eliminations.  Cupcake Wars was on at 8pm, followed by Worst Cooks in America at 9pm, and Iron Chef America at 10pm with the battle of Bobby Flay vs. Hong Thaimee.

The winner of  this Cupcake Wars episode was Pure Cupcakes, who are based out of San Diego.  The teams were challenged to make cupcakes for a San Diego Zoo party, and Pure Cupcakes came out on top and won the $10,000.

Worst Cooks in America contestants were tasked with making their own burger on this episode.  Aadip Desai decided to make a grilled cheese, (which Anne didn't even taste due to him licking his fingers while making it) instead of using something like a portobello mushroom as he is a vegetarian. This was after he tried to grill cheese by putting cheese directly on a grill.  Aadip was the contestant eliminated from Team Anne.

Alex Stein was the cook sent home from Team Bobby as he tried to do way too much with his burger.  Alex's second attempt (and probably not the last) at reality TV didn't work out, much like his first on Glass House.

Finally, on Iron Chef America, the battle of Bobby Flay vs. Hong Thaimee had the secret ingredient of Tamarind.  After the first dish, which is scored in the first 20 minutes, Chef Thaimee had a 13-8 lead over Bobby Flay.  The 'culinary curveball' in this episode was having to incorporate almonds into one of their dishes.  Despite digging himself an early hole, the judges (which included Ree Drummond) scored in favor of Bobby Flay and the final score was 72-65

Also note that next week, a new episode of Restaurant Impossible will be on at 10pm instead of Iron Chef America.

Photo - Food Network


  1. Me think Alex's temper tantrum didn't help him to stick around another week.

  2. Oh i missed this episode but glad those 2 went home... Aadip just didnt get it and Alex was rather obnoxious