Saturday, September 22, 2012

Raunchy Paula Deen Blooper Reel Released

Paula Deen Eclair Sex Act
A Paula Deen Blooper Reel was released by the NY Post earlier today, which is filled with curse words, dirty talk, and Paula pretending to perform a sex act on an eclair.  Paula actually made the tape, which she wanted to use as an introduction to her live cooking events.  The event promoters did not want to use the tape, and a legal battle ensued with Deen finally settling out of court.

Highlights from the NY Post Article below:

  • At one point in the expletive-packed video, the Food Network star declares a dish smells like a “stinky coochie.” “You ever smelled a stinky coochie?” the host of “Paula Deen’s Home Cooking” asks a person off screen. “I know you have.”
  • She even pretends to perform a sex act on a chocolate eclair shortly before declaring, “My ass ain’t pretty no more!” 
  • Deen yells “crap” over burned mashed potatoes, then disses her own cooking, exclaiming, “That’s about the nastiest meatball I’ve ever tasted!”

The video posted on NY Post is below, which has some of the bloopers:

This probably doesn't surprise most of us, and reminds us of the classic Sandra Lee outtakes.


  1. Saw this on another site and commented on it.  In addition to being just plain STUPID...she told Oprah she couldn't "phantom" something when the correct word was "fathom," her bawdiness, inappropriateness, fawning all over men and boys schtick, etc., is beyond disgusting.  Oh, and I didn't even mention her lack of HYGIENE...double dipping, licking her fingers while cooking, etc.  I TOTALLY agree with Anthony Bourdaine...she's a fake in every respect.  The only thing I'll give her credit for is that she was a good mother; and, despite, based on a fake, sickingly sweet Southern, exaggerated "ya'll" persona, she's amassed a fortune.  CANNOT STAND HER.

  2. I saw Paula Deen at an event in Houston a couple of weeks ago. I've never attended a live cooking event with celebrities so I wasn't sure what to expect, although I did expect to see a bit more cooking. Paula gave more of a comedy performance, with just a bit of hands-on food prep (most of that was done by assistants before and during the show). Her husband was there too and they've both lost a lot of weight - good for them! And she even brought her new puppy.
    I'm wondering if Paula isn't trying to appeal to people who expect to hear naughty stories and/or dirty jokes, and that's why she did the blooper reel, and that's why she puts on the stand-up routine performance? I do respect that she admits she's a "cook" and not a chef, and never had formal training. That's why people like her - she's a cook like we are. And she's successful - good for her!
    You can't please all the people all the time, so no matter what happened with the blooper reel and no matter what anyone thinks about Paula, she will still have plenty of fans, and other celebrity chefs will have their fans too.
    The Food Network and Cooking Channel have a variety of shows, so there's something for everyone!