Sunday, September 30, 2012

Great Food Truck Race Finale - Winner Gets $50,000 And A Food Truck

With the Great Food Truck Race season 3 finale tonight, lets take a look at the eliminations that have happened so far and get to a preview of the finale.

Seoul Sausage Great Food Truck RaceThe order of eliminations so far has been:

Episode 1 - Under the Crust
Episode 2 - Barbie Babes
Episode 3 - Pizza Mike's
Episode 4 - Coast of Atlanta
Episode 5 - Mama Grizzly's Grub
Episode 6 - Pop-A-Waffle

Preview of tonight's finale:

Tonight's finale has the final 2 teams, Nonna's Kitchenette and Seoul Sausage, competing against each other with the winner getting $50,000 and their own food truck.  The final challenge starts off in Boston, Massachusetts with a lobster dish challenge, with the winner getting an advantage for the next stop.  The next stop is Portland, Maine, and they head to tiny Lubec, Maine after Tyler calls them and tells them to move.  At the end of the episode, Tyler will count their money, and the team that has more money will win $50,000 and get to keep their food truck.

Nonna's Kitchenette Great Food Truck RaceIt looks like we will be seeing Tyler making multiple calls this episode, so we will get to hear the teams repeat them to the rest of their truck for about half of the episode.  Not sure why they do not text or put the phone call on speaker, but that's another topic.  Seoul Sausage seems to be the early favorite to win, but in looking around the internet, it looks like they are opening a store in Los Angeles.  Also, it looks like Nonna's Kitchenette is making the rounds in California with a food truck, so one would conclude from these two things that Nonna's Kitchenette will win tonight.  We will have to watch to find out, and I will update this post with the winner after it is revealed.

UPDATE:  Seoul Sausage ended up winning season 3 of the Great Food Truck Race by a slim margin, so congratulations to them!  Are you satisfied with the outcome of this season?

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  1. This proves that Seoul Sausage wins! The girls are from Hoboken, NJ. They wold not all give up their lives ( I believe at least one is married... you can see the wedding ring all the time).
    Of course with 50K  Seoul Sausage could convince their folks to help open a store front and still use the truck for catering and extra business! Saw the reviews on Yelp. Pretty good. Me thinks they one and the Nonna's Kitchen truck is a ruse.

  2. Yes, Seoul Sausage won.  LOVE those guys...the best of luck to you!