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Food Network September Highlights

Jeff Mauro 24 in 24

The Food Network has released their programming highlights for September, and nothing too exciting for this month.  $24 in 24 with Jeff Mauro premieres on the 24th, and Extreme Chef and The Great Food Truck Race have their finales this month and give out their $50,000 prize.  Also Chopped, Cupcake Wars, Iron Chef America, Restaurant: Impossible, and Restaurant Stakeout have new episodes at night and there will be countless reruns of Diners,
Drive-Ins and Dives.  Press release below:


Food Network September 2012 Highlights


 $24 in 24
  • Premiering Monday, September 24th at 10:30pm Jeff Mauro takes a break from sandwiches to eat his way across America, on the cheap. Each week, Jeff discovers a new city and sets out to spend just $24 total on a delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner there. He hits up the unexpected local spots that specialize in serving tasty food that will make hearts, and budgets, smile proving once and for all that good food doesn’t have to break the bank.


The Great Food Truck Race
  • Premiering Sunday, September 2nd at 9pm- “Even Food Trucks Are Bigger in Texas” The teams head to Amarillo, Texas and stop at the stadium of the Amarillo Sox, a minor league baseball team. Tyler announces this week’s Truck Stop – the teams must add a ballpark-inspired special to their menu. Top ballpark concessionaire John Ciarrachi judges the dishes and awards the winner a mystery key. On Sunday, Tyler calls the teams with their Speed Bump – their trucks are all immobilized by a parking enforcement boot, but the team that won the Truck Stop realizes they’ve already won the key to unlock their vehicle – and get to sell food exclusively at tonight’s ballgame!
  • Premiering Sunday, September 9th at 9pm – “Baby Got Razorback” The five remaining teams roll into Fayetteville, Ark. – a college town bustling with teenagers. For their Truck Stop Challenge, the teams must create an amazing breakfast dish. One of the nation’s top teen chefs, Jeremy Salamon, stops by the trucks to taste their creations and award a prize. After the breakfast shift, Tyler calls with a major Speed Bump: he shuts the trucks down completely until the late night shift. The teams then have to scrape together sales overnight, ending well after the sun comes up.
  • Premiering Sunday, September 16th at 9pm – “Music City Madness” The final four trucks head to the heart of the south in Nashville. For their Truck Stop Challenge, the teams have to create a down-home country style picnic for country music stars Joey & Rory. The competition shakes up when Tyler reveals the next Speed Bump: to simulate what happens when employees don’t show up or call in sick, Tyler tells the teams that two members must sit out and they must train two students from the Art Institutes Culinary School to work on the truck.
  • Premiering Sunday, September 23rd at 9pm – “Mistake by the Lake” The remaining teams are challenged to take a tomato and create a delectable dish. Outback Steakhouse Co-Founder Tim Gannon visits the trucks to sample the food and determine the winner. Tyler announces the Speed Bump Challenge: the teams must take their trucks in for ‘service’ and transfer their supplies to a golf cart, and for the remainder of the selling day, they can only serve food from the team’s golf cart.
  • Premiering Sunday, September 30th at 9pm – “Where in the World is Lubec?” – SEASON FINALE! The final two teams race to Boston to begin selling, and in the middle of their shift, Tyler calls and tells the teams they must add a true blue New England lobster dish to their menu. Two authentic lobstermen taste the dishes and award the winner a huge cash advantage and a head start to Portland, Maine, where the teams will sell next. The losing team stays behind and “helps” a local restaurant. On Sunday, the teams sell head-to-head in Portland, but Tyler calls again and sends them to tiny Lubec, Maine where they have to fight for every sale. Finally, Tyler calls once more to meet him at the West Quoddy Lighthouse, the easternmost point of the United States. When the teams arrive, Tyler counts their money in front of them – and the winner drives away in their new food truck, along with $50,000 to get their business started.
Extreme Chef
  • Premiering Thursday, September 6th at 10pm – “Off to Thailand” The final four chefs head to one of the culinary capitals of the world – Thailand. In the bustling city of Bangkok, the chefs obtain ingredients from the Damneon Saduak Floating Market, negotiate with vendors, and begin cooking right on the boat. As if that’s not enough, the chefs also face a flash rainstorm, gusty winds and the dreaded Southeast Asian jackfruit. For the Final Showdown, two chefs face off on a coconut plantation, where they climb a tree to retrieve coconuts and cook the perfect bite using the same methods as the locals. Judges: Simon Majumdar, Nok Chalida (Thailand TV personality, host of Living in Shape, former Miss Thailand)
  • Premiering Thursday, September 13th at 10pm – “The $50,000 Bite” – SEASON FINALE! The final three chefs begin the biggest culinary adventure of their lives by cooking a vegetarian dish while standing in the middle of the flowing river in Chiang Mai. Then, for their Extreme Challenge, the chefs head to a native Thailand Hill Tribe village, where they work with villagers to source ingredients and tools from inside their huts. In just 60 minutes, the chefs create a cohesive family-style meal from a whole pig and a mystery ingredient. After an emotional elimination, the final two chefs head to one of Chiang Mai’s most important temples to create the winning bite in the $50,000 Final Showdown, but only one will survive the world’s toughest cooking competition and be crowned the Extreme Chef. Judges: Simon Majumdar, Yui Sriyabhaya (owner of “A Lot of Thai,” Thailand’s top cooking school)


Sandwich King
  • Premiering Sunday, September 9th at 11am – “Deli In My Belly” – SEASON PREMIERE! Jeff lives out one of his lifelong dreams when he stands shoulder to shoulder with master slicer Gino, slinging monstrous corned beef sandwiches and latkes at Manny’s Deli. Back in his kitchen, Jeff creates a deli day of his own. He puts together a sandwich with Manny’s corned beef using two of his homemade latkes as the bread. Then, he braises and slices a brisket for a sandwich that combines the rich, succulent meat with red cabbage slaw and smoked mozzarella and finishes the day’s noshing with a classic carrot and raisin salad.
  • Premiering Sunday, September 16th at 11am – “Say Cheese!” Jeff and his son Lorenzo head up to Mars Cheese Castle in Wisconsin in search of the perfect cheese. With the help of a resident cheese monger, they taste a staggering array of cheeses and even grill a few up to check their “meltitude.” Once back in their kitchen, father and son get slicing as they pile up both adult and kid versions of the venerable cheese steak, and then Jeff melts down a block of cheddar for a classic Wisconsin Beer Cheese Soup.
  • Premiering Sunday, September 23rd at 11am – “From Italy With Love” Jeff stops in to see his friends at Conte de Savioa in the heart of Chicago’s Little Italy to learn the secret of making fresh mozzarella and gain a few other insights for his Italian sandwich fest back home. Once in his own kitchen, Jeff takes some of the fresh cheese he helped make and puts it on an Italian cold-cut sub and the classic sausage and peppers hero. For dessert, Jeff whips up a fun and creative take on the Italian favorite, the cannoli.
  • Premiering Sunday, September 30th at 11am – “Healthy: Fit for a King” On the search for healthy sandwiches, Jeff heads up to Graze restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin to pick up some techniques from a chef who makes the most colorful and craveable veggie burger on the planet. Back home, the healthy swagger of a Caesar salad helps jazz up Jeff’s Grilled Chicken Wrap, while he uses what he learned in Madison to help him put together a Middle-Eastern spiced mini burger. On the side, a healthy snack that’s almost too good to be true: crunchy kale chips with barbecue flair.


  • Premiering Tuesday, September 4th at 10pm – “Stacking Up” The competition starts off strongly with four chefs, as they attempt to make delicious jumbo shrimp appetizers. Then, in the entrée round, with less than a minute remaining, one of the chefs has yet to get one of the mystery ingredients on the plate. When the two finalists find frozen pancakes in the last basket, whose dessert will stack up to a $10,000 victory?
  • Premiering Tuesday, September 11th at 10pm – “A Bunny Thing Happened” A pink candy surprise in the appetizer basket prompts the chefs to make some very creative choices. In the entrée round, the chefs have to use a chocolate bunny and an imposing cut of meat as ingredients. A sweet baked good seems like a good start for some delicious desserts, but will the chefs’ final dishes be inventive enough to impress the judges?
  • Premiering Tuesday, September 25th at 10pm – “Class Acts, Too” Class is once again in session in the Chopped Kitchen, with ladies from America’s school cafeterias competing and sharing their stories. In the first round, ground turkey and frozen yogurt test the chefs’ skills. Then, the ladies must sweat out a 30-minute entree round with sweet potatoes and hoisin sauce as ingredients. The final two competitors who advance to the dessert round find a basket of healthy items, but one chef’s plans literally fall apart, causing her to rethink her idea or try, try again.
Cupcake Wars
  • Premiering Sunday, September 2nd at 8pm – “America’s Cup-Cake” Four cupcake makers fight to stay afloat and win the opportunity to have their cupcakes featured at an exclusive party honoring the oldest trophy race in sports, the America’s Cup.
  • Premiering Sunday, September 9th at 8pm – “Star Wars” Four talented bakers have to use the force if they want to win the chance to serve their cupcakes at a VIP party celebrating the beloved Star Wars franchise.
  • Premiering Sunday, September 23rd at 8pm – “Adam Sandler’s Hotel Transylvania” Things get scary in the kitchen as four bakers fight for the chance to be featured at a celebrity-studded party celebrating the release of Adam Sandler’s animated film, Hotel Transylvania.
  • Premiering Sunday, September 30th at 8pm – “Cake Wars” Justin Willman hosts a special edition of Cupcake Wars that unites cake makers, sweet specialists, and special effects artists in a salute to the circus.
Iron Chef America
  • Premieres Sunday, September 2nd at 10pm – “Forgione vs. Zimmerman” Iron Chef Marc Forgione faces off against challenger Andrew Zimmerman, executive chef at Sepia in Chicago. Judges are Mario Rizzotti, Alison Sweeney and Jason Sobocinski.
  • Premieres Sunday, September 16th at 10pm – “Zakarian vs. Gallante” Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian faces off against challenger Shea Gallante, who is the executive chef at Ciano in New York. The judges for this battle are Michael Ruhlman, Candice Kumai and Martin Yan.
Restaurant: Impossible
  • Premiering Wednesday, September 5th at 9pm – “Frankie’s” Chef Robert Irvine heads to Three Rivers, Mich. for Frankie’s “By the Tracks,” a 30-year-old staple that was purchased by then best friends Jay and Tina. The stress of owning a failing business has corroded Jay and Tina’s relationship to the point where they’re unable to be in the same room with each other, much less successfully run a restaurant together. Robert has only two days and $10,000 to fix the fractured relationship responsible for the root of Frankie’s problems.
  • Premiering Wednesday, September 12th at 9pm – “Paliani’s Restaurant” Chef Robert Irvine travels to Burton, Mich., where he’s on a mission to rescue a single mom, Marina, and her restaurant, Paliani’s, from demise. Paliani’s has a kitchen in disarray, a dining room that’s disgusting, and an owner who doesn’t realize her own role in its downfall. Robert needs to use every penny of the $10,000 budget and every second of the two-day deadline to help turn Paliani’s into Burton’s new hot spot.
  • Premiering Wednesday, September 19th at 9pm – “Michele’s” Chef Robert Irvine has never worked with anyone more unprepared than Michele and Andy, owners of Michele’s in Corry, Pa. They purchased their restaurant at auction on a whim, despite having no experience in the business. Robert steps in to choose a new cook, teach Michele basic management skills, refurbish the interior, and address Andy’s critical and harsh attitude – all in two days.
  • Premiering Wednesday, September 26th at 9pm- “Maple Tree Café” Chef Robert Irvine heads to Las Vegas to help 26-year-old Ashley save the Maple Tree Cafe. Not only is Ashley new to the restaurant industry, but she’s hired mostly inexperienced family members to support her dream. Robert has only two days to fix the strained family relationships, and give Ashley the tools and courage she needs to run her business.
Restaurant Stakeout
  • Premiering Wednesday, September 5th at 10pm – “When the Cat’s Away” Willie comes to the aid of Tom, proud owner of Nauna’s Bella Casa, who’s spent the past 24 years building his restaurant into an established Montclair, N.J. eatery. Now, the married 45-year-old owner is looking to take a step back from his demanding business to start a family. Tom’s enlisted Willie to help him figure out what his staff is doing when he’s not around that’s costing him customers, so he can salvage his restaurant’s reputation before it’s too late.
  • Premiering Wednesday, September 12th at 10pm – “The Customer’s Always Wrong” Willie has his work cut out for him when he stakes out the Oakwood Diner in Staten Island, N.Y. The owner, Mike Jr., has been around the diner business his entire life and followed in his successful father’s footsteps when he took over the Oakwood Diner two and a half years ago. Mike inherited an undisciplined staff that treats the place like a living room and drives customers away with rude and inappropriate behavior, but Willie comes to the rescue to show what’s going on when Mike isn’t around.


 Labor Day BBQ Weekend
  • Premiering Saturday, September 1st and Sunday, September 2nd from 7am to 2pm From a blowout backyard gathering to a quiet family dinner, it’s the barbecue and grilling finale of the summer season and Food Network brings the best tips to the table with new episodes of Mexican Made Easy, The Pioneer Woman and Ten Dollar Dinners with Melissa d’Arabian.


Daytime: The Best Thing I Ever Made, Bobby Flay’s Barbeque Addiction, Giada At Home, Home for Dinner with Jamie Deen, Mexican Made Easy, Paula’s Best Dishes
Primetime: 3 Days to Open with Bobby Flay, Diners Drive-ins and Dives

(Image and Press Release courtesy of Food Network)

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