Friday, September 21, 2012

Food Network News For The Week - 9/21/2012

Anne Burrell BirthdayHere are some updates for the week in Food Network news:

  • Today is Anne Burrell's birthday, and she turns 43, so Happy Birthday to her!
  • Last night, Tyler Florence cooked dinner for Barack Obama and some guests for a $20,000 per plate fundraiser dinner in Florida.  Dishes included: squash and quail egg ravioli, chicken fried quail, crispy pork belly, corn pudding and coconut shortbread.  The Braiser has the story along with pictures of the meal taken from Twitter.
  • Former Food Network chef David Ruggerio had his restaurant trashed by anti-Semetic vandals.  They urinated everywhere, smashed things, and spray-painted graffiti.  The estimated damages are estimated to be $200,000.   It seems to be an inside job done by a disgruntled former employee. (Link)

  • Sandra Lee will be presented with the the Stewart B Mckinney award for her work on poverty and homelessness and will be honored at a dinner in November. (Link)
  • Just a reminder that Jeff Mauro's new series $24 in 24 premieres this Monday at 10:30pm

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