Sunday, January 5, 2020

Worst Cooks in America Season 18

Food Network's Worst Cooks in America season 18 airs on Sunday nights at 9pm ET starting January 5th, 2020.  This season brings a new mentor competing against Anne Burrell which will be Alton Brown.  Worst Cooks in America continues to be one of Food Network's top rated shows, so we will continue to see the ridiculous contestants appearing on the show and multiple seasons throughout the year.  This year the sixteen contestants that will compete on the show include:

  • Shannon Akins (Tempe, Arizona) - Team Anne
  • Dr. Lulu Boykin (Pittsboro, North Carolina) - Team Anne
  • Monica Colwell (Hazard, Kentucky) - Team Alton
  • Joe Deese (Fulton, Alabama) - Team Alton
  • Jefferson Goldie (Chicago, Illinois) - Team Alton
  • Ryan Grovey (Seattle, Washington) - Team Anne
  • Michael Jones-Better (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) - Team Alton
  • Dakota Klaes (New York, New York) - Team Anne
  • Leo Lech (Washington, West Virginia) - Team Alton
  • Curtis Long (Seneca, South Carolina) - Team Anne
  • Kelly Ngoc Mac (Pasadena, California) - Team Alton
  • Bridget Praytor (Colorado Springs, Colorado) - Team Anne
  • Leslie Rivera-Silva (Washington D.C.) - Team Anne
  • Jolynn Singh (Allen, Texas) - Team Alton
  • Kevin So (Brooklyn, New York) - Team Alton
  • Alexandra Tiso (Eastchester, New York) - Team Anne

The winner of Worst Cooks in America season 18 will receive $25,000 and I will do another post about the show before the season finale.  This season is 10-episodes long (season 17 was eight episodes) with the finale being on Sunday, March 8th.  Feel free to discuss this season in the comments section as people like to discuss the season as it progresses.  The first episode is available on demand at several cable companies if you would like to watch it before it airs.

A lot of people are talking about Alton Brown's appearance on the show.  Here is another post where people discuss that.

UPDATE - Here is the post discussing the final episode and winner.

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