Monday, April 8, 2019

Spring Baking Championship Season 5 Discussion

Spring Baking Championship season 5 with Clinton Kelly as host airs on Food Network Monday nights at 9pm ET/PT.  The contestants that are competing on this season are: Cory Barrett, Jessica Colvin, Kevin Dillmon, Marqessa Gesualdi, Jordan Kanouse, Tracey Marionneaux, Riccardo Menicucci, Saber Rejbi, Karina Rivera, Kendra Stephens.

We are pretty much at the halfway point in the season and so far the contestants that have been eliminated are: Kendra Stephens (episode 1), Jessica Colvin (episode 2), Kevin Dillmon (episode 3), and Jordan Kanouse (episode 4).

I know people wanted me to get a post up so you could discuss the season, so here it is.  The finale of Spring Baking Championship season 5 will air on Monday, May 6th with the winner getting $25,000.  I will do another post about Spring Baking Championship when the finale airs.

UPDATE - Here is the season finale post which reveals the winner.

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