Sunday, April 14, 2019

Buddy vs. Duff Winner Crowned Tonight

Tonight at 9pm ET/PT on Food Network is the season 1 finale of Buddy vs. Duff where Buddy Valastro and Duff Goldman will battle it out for bragging rights.  Going into the finale tonight, Buddy and Duff are tied with a cumulative score of 212 to 212 and tonight's episode description states:
"For the finale, pastry chefs Buddy Valastro and Duff Goldman head to the Food Network Kitchen to create their most heartfelt and monumental creations yet -- chocolate desserts to conceal engagement rings for two surprise proposals. For the final cake-off, Buddy and Duff create jaw-dropping science- and space-themed cakes for Philadelphia's prestigious Franklin Institute. Street Science host Kevin Delaney presides over the wild festivities as Buddy and Duff lay it all on the line with their showstopping masterpieces."

This season has caused quite a bit of controversy with the way the editing has been done for the show.  Many people have been complaining about the way Buddy Valastro acts on the show and are actively rooting against him in the finale.

Before the season aired, Buddy Valastro told that he and Duff became good friends during the filming of the show.  Buddy and Duff are also very vocal on their Twitter pages (Buddy's Twitter, Duff's Twitter) in responding to fans of the show.

If you are wondering if there will be another season of Buddy vs. Duff, it does not look likely despite the show getting good ratings.  Both Buddy Valastro and Duff Goldman seem annoyed at how the editing of the show turned out.  When fans asked if there would be another season, Duff responded, "I definitely do not want to do another one. This kinda nonsense is not my bag."  Buddy also chimed in with, "Exactly this. One more week." When another fan had suggestions about season 2 of the show, Duff said, "There won’t be another season." and Buddy said, "That’s a hard NO on another season."

I will update this post after the episode airs with final score and the winner of Buddy vs. Duff.

Continue Reading to see the winner:
Duff won the Bake-Off with a score of 23-17 which gave Duff a lead of 235 to 229 heading into the final challenge.  Buddy won the final Cake-Off, however this wasn't enough to give him the overall win.  Duff won with the final score of 258 - 254.

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