Saturday, March 23, 2019

Buddy Vs. Duff Season 1 Discussion

Buddy vs. Duff on Food Network premiered two weeks ago on Food Network and there has been a lot of interest in the show.  After two weeks, Buddy Valastro is currently beating Duff Goldman by a score of 89-87.  As this is "reality" TV, I would expect a close score heading into the finale, which will air on April 14th at 9pm ET/PT on Food Network.

Part of the reason why a lot of people are talking about the show is because of Buddy Valastro's antics/attitude on the show.  He threw a tantrum and walked off set week 1 when he lost a challenge that he thought he should have won.  He also talks a lot of trash and comes across as cocky on the show.  Due to this, it seems like everybody is rooting for Duff Goldman to come back and win the show.

What are your thoughts on Buddy vs. Duff?  Do you think it is the editing that is making people dislike Buddy and root for Duff?  Either way, Buddy Valastro and Duff Goldman will have new shows that will premiere on Food Network shortly after the season finale.  Buddy's show is called Bake You Rich while Duff's show is called Duff Takes the Cake.

UPDATE - After episode 3, the score is now Buddy - 130, Duff - 131.

UPDATE - After episode 4, the score is now Buddy - 170, Duff - 176.

UPDATE - After episode 5, the score is now tied Buddy - 212, Duff - 212. You had to figure the score would be closer headed into the finale because this is "reality" TV.  I will have another post up for the season finale next week before it airs.

UPDATE - See who won the season and discuss the final episode in the new post about Buddy vs. Duff.

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