Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rachael Vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off Season 2 - Teams Revealed

Rachael Vs. Guy Season 2 CastWhile it was announced back in October who was going to be on the second season of Rachael Vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off, it has now been revealed who will be on each team:

Team Rachael
  • Gilbert Gottfried (actor, comedian)
  • Kathy Najimy (actress, Sister Act)
  • Hines Ward (Former NFL player, Super Bowl champion and MVP)
  • Carnie Wilson (Singer, Wilson Phillips)

Team Guy
  • Chilli (member of pop/R&B group TLC)
  • Cornelia Guest (Designer, author, philanthropist)
  • Dean McDermott (actor, reality television star)
  • Johnny Weir (Two-time Olympic Figure Skater, three-time U.S. National Champion)

The show is still scheduled to begin on January 6th, with the winner winning a $50,000 donation to a charity of their choice.

I think it is pretty interesting how Johnny Weir is on Guy's team with reports in the past that Guy Fieri is homophobic.  Maybe the Food Network and Guy are trying to put that to rest?  Or will Guy prove it and vote Johnny off first?

Also, if the picture above was shown to you before reading this post, how many of these 'celebrities' would you have been able to identify?  I would have identified 3 correctly.

UPDATE  - Episode 1 Recap
Episode 2 Recap

Source - Food Network


  1. I will never understand Food Network's obsession with Rachael Ray, and Guy Fieri has been so overexposed that I'm just flat tired of him.

  2. Food Network Gossip, where exactly did you hear Fieri was homophobic? That's the first I've heard of it.

    1. Considering that his late sister was gay, I think it not too liklely.

  3. Fieri has a long way to go to be more overexposed than Bobby Flay. Has anyone ever done a show count with some of the more visible FN hosts? Flay has to be at the top.

  4.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/10/19/guy-fieri-homophobia_n_1020736.html

  5.  Hmm...a claim made by disgruntled former producers. You may want to add "alleged" to the claim because I don''t find any proof of it being true other than their say so, which could be considered suspect. Oh, and I'm not a Fieri fan.

  6. Love the show can't wait till January :)

  7. I'm so excited! I found myself surprised to love the first season of this show and I'm loving the cast of season two. Unlike other shows, they have actually gotten CELEBRITIES to participate. (Personally, I'm rooting for Kathy Najimy, but I'm excited to see what all of them do.) Looking forward to it. 

  8. Guy and Hines are hot, can't wait!!

  9. Being a part of the Steeler Nation I will have to support Rachel and Hines. Last season was much better than I expected, with lots of good cooking!

  10. Why do they need to show a man kissing another “man” and to women kissing?  What does that have to do with cooking?  I am not watching it anymore.

  11. Guy fieri should win this season with Dean

  12. That is just plain dumb. I doubt he is but why does people feel they need to make issues out of dumb stuff. He didn't seem homophobic at all during the show. Grow up and find something else to harass over. This world has become petty

  13. I would have known 4. Common sense( and the gold lame blazer) would have  allowed me to tell the difference between Hines Ward and Johnny Weir. Same for the other 2 chicks. I do not think the blonde would have been in TLC. 

  14. HGTV let it slip who won before the show even aired, so I ended up only watching the last show to see if they were correct, and they were. If you want people to watch don't run a whole article about the winners kitchen in your mag. before the show has aired.  You would have to be a dope to not know who won even though you did not say as much, you wouldn't run an article about a loser's kitchen. Next time wait until the show has ended.