Thursday, November 15, 2012

Guy Fieri Responds To NY Times Review And Others Also Weigh In

Guy Fieri Today Show
Guy Fieri was on the Today show this morning after taking a red-eye flight, so he could respond to the New York Times review that had the internet abuzz yesterday.  He cited the review as being 'ridiculous' and 'overboard' which is kind of ironic as Guy has made his living being ridiculous and overboard.  The video is after the jump, but here are some of the quotes from Guy regarding the review:
  • "I just thought it was ridiculous. I mean, I read reviews. You know, there's good and bad in the restaurant business, but that to me went so overboard it really seemed like there was another agenda."
  • "The tone, the sarcasm, the question style. I mean, I think we all know what's going on here.  He came in with a different agenda.  Four times to a restaurant that's been open two months, that's tough times.  Especially this size of a restaurant."
  • "To me it's impossible to come in and have a dining experience and have every single thing wrong unless you come in with a different agenda and you want to sensationalize something and blow it out of the water.  It's a great way to make a name for yourself.  Go after a celebrity chef who is not a New Yorker."
Also, other Food Network personalities have come to Guy's defense:
  • Sandra Lee - "Going to lunch with guy fieri at guys american bar and grill! Can't wait. My friend went last night and said it was awesome-good for him!" (Twitter)
  • Alton Brown - "I am planning on visiting Guy Fieri's NYC eatery this weekend because it can't be as bad as all those snooty New Yorkers say. #wishmeluck" (Twitter)
  • Giada De Laurentiis - "@altonbrown @bflay lets all go this weekend and write our own review!!"
  • Robert Irvine - " @altonbrown let me tell you @GuyFieri did my wedding food , the man can cook and it can't be that bad @altonbrown let me know pls"
  • Justin Warner - "@GDeLaurentiis @altonbrown @bflay Me too! I can test the kids' menu." "People like Guy's food because they like Guy. A critic who doesn't like Guy isn't going to like the food."
  • Duff Goldman - "I think he [Pete Wells] knew exactly he knew what he wanted to write before he walked through the door....I think what he was really commenting on was - he was harshly lamenting the existence of Guy Fieri. Why would Pete or anyone from the NY Times need to go to any food establishment in Times Square? It's not like Guy was opening the joint next to Per Se." (Zagat
Another funny tidbit is that the New York Times held a party for about 160 people at Guy's restaurant last night, just hours after putting the scathing review in their paper.

What do you think of the review?  Who are you siding with?

Video of Guy Interview:

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