Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Food Network Gossip Returns - Happy July 4th!

Hello all.  I am back from vacation so look for more frequent updates regarding all things Food Network.

I have caught up on the Food Network Star episodes that I missed and the episode 2 weeks ago saw Emily Ellyn go home as she found out what her retro rad obsession really was, although I am still not so sure what it is.

Food Network Star Emily Ellyn Eliminated

  This last Sunday's episode saw Malcolm Mitchell go home after the elimination rules keep changing week to week to determine the bottom 2, bottom 3, bottom team, or whatever the Food Network decides for that week.  Everyone seemed to get fashion advice from Michele and wore plaid shirts to the beach.

Food Network Star Malcolm Mitchell Eliminated

So, with week being a predictable elimination, who do you think will go home from Team Giada?  Yvan, Ippy, or Martita?  Martita hasn't shown much throughout the competition, but continues to move along.  Yvan and Ippy seem to be finding themselves in the past few weeks and seem to be winning over the judges.

I will continue recapping the remaining episodes, so continue to look for them.

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