Friday, July 20, 2012

Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell - Info On Contestants

Chef Wanted Anne BurrellAfter watching last night's episode of Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell, I was curious about some of the contestants and stumbled upon what looks like a webpage that was put together for the casting of the show.

For each restaurant, it has a list of the chefs considered to be on the show along with video's of their audition, facts about the chef, as well as their resumes.

Last night's episode, Episode 5, was for the Old Homestead Restaurant in New York, in which Richard Mancini won.  Jenard Wells aka the "Love Chef" was also on this episode and stated that he had 9 kids.  I was shocked to see that he was only 31 years old and has 9 kids already. 

Also on the site are:
Episode 1 contestants from Mucho Ultima, including the winner Byron Freeze
Episode 2 contestants from James Beach including winner Vincent Walker
Episode 4 contestants from Olives including winner Tully Wilson

Upcoming Episode 6 contestants from Met Back Bay are also on there, although it is not known what 4 chefs will be on the episode by looking at the site.

So click on any of the links above if you want to see any of the chef's audition videos, fact sheets, or resumes as it is pretty interesting stuff.

UPDATE - Here is a story about the drama between Todd English and Tully Wilson, where Tully claimed he never got the job at Olives.


  1. I am curious as to how to get a resume submitted for consideration

  2. Link to Apply That link is how to apply either for a restaurant or for a chef.

  3. Richard Mancini resume update!
    After he lost Cafe Clemenza in Hoffman Estates, he was hired by Cucina Bella in Algonquin, He was the fired( you should ask him why?) then he was hired in another restaurant, (Toronado) then he was fired there because he didnt show up on New Years day!) then he was hired at Gianni`s in Deerpark IL then he was fired from that restaurant as well, the next was a restaurant that his own family owned, and they fired him as well!
    then he find another investor for the last location!, he was making extra income by doing catering at 2 am and pocketing the money, guess what he was fired again!
    I guess he should update his resume!

  4. Why is there NO UPDATE on how Tully Wilson of Olives is doing?

    1. Cause todd never followed thru...

  5. When were the shows filmed?? Chef Rich won but is now currently the chef at the White Pines Golf Course. I guess he didn't last in NYC either.

  6. From an earlier post It looks like the show finished filming May 28th, so I am guessing all were filmed in May or around that date.

  7. not sure who this is but if you want to talk trash you should start with who you are as far all the BS you put up here I would be more then happy to answer all your questions but people likee you who just lie and cause issues should worry about themselfs.This is Rich and if you have any questions ask.Tornados was a place that was closed by cook county sherriffs,Giannis cafe I quit because of promise of partnership that never came tobe as far as all the other post are all lies you know it and I know if you know all this for sure then you would put your name here coward

  8. Chef Rich, whereever you are, you're gnocchi is the best

  9. Richard mancini is a JO. I like your posts