Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Food Network Gossip to Return in 2 Weeks

I will not be posting for 2 weeks, so there will be no recaps for the next 2 Food Network Star episodes.  Feel free to discuss these episodes in the comments, and look at the upcoming episode descriptions if you are interested.  I will be back for the predictable elimination 3 weeks from now.

Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell will premiere June 28th and take a look at some Food Network shows that will premiere in the future.  Comment away on anything that happens while I am gone.  


  1. [Warning: Possible spoiler]

    It seems like the winner may have been leaked! :( If so, I'm so disappointed (not so much in the potentially leaked winner but with the fact that the decision is out there weeks before the finale). Does anyone think this is worth contacting the Food Network over?

    It realize that these were pinned 7 weeks ago but wasn't this season was filmed months ago? For instance, last summer there was a 4th of July episode but it was filmed a few months in advance (which you could tell from the finalists' online journals and photo scrapbooks). So the winner and those who know the winner (and all of the other contestants for that matter) already know the result! Viewers are left tuning in every week but this was all decided a while ago already. I guess one thing I'm confused about is how it will come down to a fan vote if this was all filmed in advance... thoughts?

    Does anyone think this might be a legit spoiler worth contacting the Food Network about?

  2. I don't think the winner has been leaked. Especially considering America is supposed to determine the winner by vote after the final 3 are established.

    Even if the vote is fixed and Food Network just picks whoever they want, I doubt they have told this person and will not tell them til the finale.

    1. Why then does Nikki refer to Bobby as her "mentor and producer"? I realize that throughout the course of the show, the three coaches are mentors to all of the contestant but they will only be "producers" for the winner, right?

      Matt, I'm afraid you have too much faith in the purported democratic nature of this show. Whatever happens though, we can be sure of one thing: this Sunday's episode is predictable as heck. Clearly someone from Team Giada is getting the boot in order to even out the teams. I wonder if two or all three of them will be pitted against each other to make it at least a little suspenseful... Because otherwise, it will be so foreseeable. Thoughts?

  3. If Nikki wins, then it's obvious that it's fixed...she has a 1% vote this week on their poll & has been on the bottom this whole time...Justin is in the lead (definitely earned in my opinion) with 33%...