Monday, June 11, 2012

Food Network Star - Season 8 - Episode 5 Recap

Guy Fieri Food Network StarWhere to begin with this weeks lackluster episode of Food Network Star?  This week the contestants have to do a live television special based on a special event while Guy Fieri tries to steal the show from them.  Team Giada gets a 'Game-Day' theme, Team Alton gets a 'Halloween theme', and Team Bobby gets a 'Cooking for Kids' theme.  The Food Network again set up a room with about 20 random people in it for their live audience.  This week, they didn't give out any $10,000 prizes as their budget went to bringing in kids to try the food for the 'Cooking for Kids' theme.

Quick random thoughts on each performance:
Guy Fieri - Still thinks he is the coolest person on Earth
Alton Brown - Still grumpy and giving tough love
Justin Warner - Terrible dresser, who the judges seem to love no matter what he does
Martie Duncan - Babbles way too much again and is still old
Judson Allen - Used to be fat, and goes with that for his POV
Emily Ellyn - Still retro and rad, but the judges aren't buying her act
Giada De Laurentiis - A little bit too excited for her team, could care less about anything else
Yvan Lemoine - Too much energy and shouting for my liking and continues to cook basic food
Philip Ippy Aiona - Still from Hawaii, and making progress
Linkie Marais - Still making desserts and losing her train of thought during presentations
Martita Jara - Her accent is getting stronger with the season and Giada loves it
Bobby Flay - Didn't get much airtime as his team had 3 and no one on his team would be up for elimination
Nikki Martin - Keeping with her grill theme, makes a smoothie
Michele Ragussis - Loves mussels and clams but makes her mama's meatballs
Malcolm Mitchell - Likes to paint with chicken on a stick and fails to mention he has kids

Onto the elimination...  This week, the rules are changed yet again to decide who is eliminated, which is probably going to continue to happen throughout the show.  As Team Bobby only had 3 members and Team Giada clearly won the challenge, they decided to make all of Team Alton compete in an elimination that would definitely send one of his team members home.  Next week, the rules will probably change to get the teams even and get rid of someone from Team Giada.

Random thoughts on the elimination:
Judson Allen Eliminated Food Network Star
  • The contestants aren't very good at throwing darts
  • Justin and Emily are declared safe before elimination
  • The editing wanted to make you think Martie was struggling and would go home
  • Judson Allen ends up crying again, no thanks to Alton, and is eliminated this week

With 5 episodes remaining before the final, I am sure we will see another few 'twists.'  With 11 contestants left, maybe a triple elimination week where someone from each team is eliminated to get the numbers down for the final?

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  1. Please get rid of Martie already! Im not from PA and I was offended by her thoughtless comments. I woulD NEVER vote for her and certainly would NEVER watch her on tv. I dont see the warmth, her food is medicre at best. I dont feel she coukd even host a party cause she has the worst timing nature.

  2. Judson, here is the thing. If you are crying AGAIN, you deserve to be off. Crying is a sign they know it's time too.

  3. Yeah, I didn't think the crying again did any favors for Judson. I guess you can blame that one on Alton.

  4. I had to laugh at this sentence: "Michele Ragussis - Loves mussels and clams but makes her mama's meatballs." It just struck me funny.