Saturday, June 16, 2012

Paula Deen Launching New Food Products and Is Shopping New Reality Cooking Show

Paula Deen New Show Food ChainPaula Deen was in the news for a few different things this week.  She has teamed with Nanco Foods to create Paula Deen Foods, which will expand on her already existing food products.  Paula Deen Foods will have products made using Paula's traditional recipes, as well as lighter versions of the recipes.  The plan is to have the new products in stores during the third quarter of 2012, so you may be seeing them soon.

Paula was also in the news as there are rumors that she is shopping a new TV show with the Zodiac USA production company.  The new show would be called 'Food Chain' and it would be a reality cooking competition based upon the hit show in Italy, Cuochi e Fiamme.

The description of Food Chain is as follows:
Two amateur chefs have their cookery skills tested to the limit as they prepare four mouthwatering dishes of increasing complexity.

This is the show that cooks for cash. Food Chain will have you on the edge of your seat as the talented contestants whip up one mouth watering dish after another for cash. Skill, creativity, presentation and speed are the name of the game as the two contestants battle through four levels of cooking perfection to pick up the money at the end of the show. With each level the dish becomes more difficult and the cash prize higher. This is fast paced, delicious viewing.  (Link with video of the show format in Italy)

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