Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chef Scott Conant Craves $5,000 Suits, Does Not Crave Raw Onions

Chopped judge Scott Conant had an article about him today on Bloomberg News describing his likes for $5,000 Zegna Suits, designer shoes and cowboy boots, and Cartier watches (Link).  Along with pictures of his attire in the article, Conant is quoted as saying, "I love custom- made suits and shirts as well. Once you wear a custom-made shirt, it’s almost impossible to go back. It’s like flying first-class and going back to economy. You’re ruined." This article seems to establish that his cockiness on Chopped is not an act and this is just how he is.

If you look closely at one of the picture captions in the article, you will see that Scott Conant is referred to as 'David Conant.'  If Scott figures out this mistake, he will probably like it as much as he likes raw red onions.

Scott Conant Chopped
For more pictures and the full article, visit Bloomberg News

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