Saturday, July 17, 2021

Buddy vs. Duff Season 3 Discussion

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Season 3 of Buddy vs. Duff airs on Food Network at 9pm ET starting July 18th, 2021. This season will be eight episodes long with the finale being on Sunday, September 5th.  In this season, each of the bakers will take on the challenges in their home bakeries with Duff being on the West Coast in Los Angeles, CA and Buddy being on the East Coast in Hoboken, NJ. 

Buddy Valastro and Duff Goldman will be tested on what it means to be a true pastry artist and cake master as they build elaborate, enormous cakes that fit a theme each week.  Fifty professional cake artists from across the country will be judging the competition virtually. This season will also focus on Buddy overcoming a gruesome injury sustained to his dominant hand.

Season 1 of Buddy vs. Duff was very popular and controversial with a lot of people talking about the behavior of Buddy Valastro on the show. Buddy and Duff didn't really want to do another season after season 1, but here we are on season 3.  Duff won season one of Buddy vs. Duff, while Buddy won season two of the show. 

Feel free to discuss season three of Buddy vs. Duff in the comments and I will do another post for the finale.

UPDATE - To see who won season 3 of Buddy vs. Duff, visit this post

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